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194 23 Establish Environmental Awareness among All the People1 October 25, 1993 Ihave three thoughts on preventing industrial pollution. —First, the purpose of this work is to protect the environment, to protect nature, to protect humanity, and to create a good life for our descendants. It is a very glorious and very difficult endeavor. —Second, this work has very strong technical and economic aspects and is closely linked to the work of legal institutions. —Third, there have been many achievements in environmental protection, as reflected in a recent CCTV broadcast, “A Millennial Journey of Environmental Protection in China.”2 This was a very well made and educational TV series for everyone in the country: everyone could see the industrial pollution in Tong­ chuan, in Shaanxi Province. I’ve been to Tongchuan, and it really is the way it’s shown on TV. Just think— can people living in such an environment work well, study well, and live well? Environmental workers around the country have done a great deal. If it hadn’t been for their hard work and if they had been afraid to offend people, I believe the present pollution would be even worse. If we didn’t have such successes in our environmental work and if the environment hadn’t been improved in many 1. The second national working conference on industrial pollution was held in Shanghai on October 21–25, 1993. Participants included leading members of the environmental protection divisions (or offices) of the industrial departments of the State Council; leading members of the comprehensive economic departments of the State Council; heads of the environmental bureaus, and chairmen of the economic commissions (or economic planning commissions and production commissions) of the various provinces, autonomous regions, and centrally administered municipalities ; vice mayors in charge of industry or environmental protection, heads of the environmental bureaus, and chairmen of the economic commissions (or economic planning commissions and production commissions) of provincial capitals and cities separately listed in the national plans; representatives of enterprises; and specially invited attendees. This is part of Zhu Rongji’s speech at the closing ceremony. 2. The “Millennial Journey of Environmental Protection in China” was a large-scale media environment education campaign, which started in 1993 and was organized by the Chinese government . The reference here is to the TV news programs filmed in 1993 by CCTV, which were part of this campaign. Establish Environmental Awareness among All the People 195 places, it would be hard to keep the worsening of our pollution in check. That’s why I’ve come to this conference today, to express my highest respect and my heartfelt thanks to you! I’d like to make three points about environmental work. 1. As with Work on Quality, Our Environmental Work Must Establish an Awareness of the Environment among All the People We’re currently engaged in modernization and the building of a socialist market economy, yet many types of awareness are still lacking. Without such awareness, our country cannot achieve modernization or build a truly socialist market economy. Some people lack an awareness of quality, of the environment , of the need to pay taxes, or even of investment risk. They raise funds irregularly at will and invest chaotically. How can this possibly meet the needs of our country’s modernization, the building of a socialist market economy, and the deepening of reforms? That’s why it’s very important to emphasize environmental awareness. Giving a speech at the Second National Conference on Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control on October 25, 1993. Also present were Song Jian (first from right), then state councilor and chairman of the State Scientific and Technological Commission, Zhang Kezhi (third from right), then deputy secretary general of the State Council, and Xie Zhenhua (fourth from right), then director, State Environmental Protection Agency. 196 Establish Environmental Awareness among All the People It was once widely thought that a country in the early stages of industrialization lacks the money to protect the environment and must sacrifice the environment and save some money in order to develop industry. I feel this viewpoint is wrong. If you first create pollution and then try to clean it up, it will require an even greater investment; if you have done irreparable damage, it will be very hard to clean up. Don’t think that you can save money by developing industry first and then cleaning up pollution, and that you can speed up socialist modernization [this way]. It isn’t so! For example...


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