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ix Publication Note The four-volume Chinese version of Zhu Rongji on the Record (Zhu Rongji Jianghua Shilu) was published in China in 2011. It included 348 important speeches, articles, letters, and directives, as well as 272 photos and 30 photocopies of Zhu Rongji’s directives, letters, and inscriptions from his term as Vice Premier (April 1991–March 1998) and as Premier (March 1998–March 2003). The two-volume English edition features 112 of these speeches, articles, letters , and directives, 54 of which are included in the first volume and 58 in the second. The materials are arranged chronologically, with this first volume covering the period from September 1991 to December 1997. The second volume will cover the period from March 1998 to February 2003. The author personally selected and approved all materials included. These materials were edited from audio-visual materials, transcripts, and manuscripts, and most of them are being published for the first time in English. Some brief annotations have been added by the editors and translator, and most captions and subheadings were added by the editors. Due to the unavailability of transcripts in the original languages, remarks by foreign guests in conversations with the author have been translated from the Chinese edition. Li Bingjun, Lian Yong, Zhang Changyi, Xie Minggan, Lin Zhaomu, Lu Jing, and Hou Chun participated in the editorial work, and Ma Dongsheng and Li Lijun helped compile and collate relevant materials. ...


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