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Acknowledgments My thanks to Ivo Kamps, who read and commented on an early version of this manuscript, and to the three readers for the University of Pennsylvania Press, who gave invaluable advice for revision. For help with translation of Ruini’s text from Italian, I thank Isabella Watt, and for providing a variety of Latin translations of Melchior Lorck’s engraving couplet, I thank Gregory Heyworth and the many respondents to my query on the Ficino listserv (especially David Lupher and Roger Kuin). While many libraries and collections helped provide the array of images for this volume, Alasdair McCartney at the Wellcome Collection deserves special credit for creating so many new images for me to use. The University of Mississippi generously allowed me a sabbatical year to write this book, for which I am grateful, and has also provided ongoing institutional support for such things as conference travel, giving me opportunities to air ideas and receive valuable criticism from peers. I am constantly aware of how much my graduate students contribute to the freshening of my thoughts on old texts and old subjects; Sallie Anglin deserves special mention, however, for her enthusiasm regarding theories of the body, and her willingness to indulge with me in flights of theoretical fancy. And as always, Doug McPherson has been the best possible partner anyone could ask for, which has helped make this work, and all my work and play, possible. Unlike many academic books, this one was written quickly during a sabbatical year, and so did not grow so much out of collaboration with other scholars as is usual in our profession. It was shaped, rather, by my daily interactions—­ some present and actual, some historical and in memory only—­ with the many creatures who have shared my life, and who demanded to be accounted for somehow in my academic work. Thanks to them all: Sweet Pea and Puff, Sammy and Flute, Willie, BC, Hector, Midget, Tom, Falstaff, Spike, Demetrius, Ellie, Pascoe, Tamara, Melville , Mouse, Baby Daddy,Titus, Cassandra, Boris, Abby, Benny, Wilma, Silvester, Shark, Lily, and Loki. I’m dedicating this book to the memory of my two very best friends, Emerson and Ali: thank you, boys, and sleep well. ...


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