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138 她的视点 她的视点从床的一端 射向另一端 看着你的身体 从一大堆衣服 手机 鞋 和钥匙中钻出来 还有你的指头 它们修长 刚直 似乎能再次听见 骨盆和白昼的碰撞声 每个人都被阉割了 每个人的健康都遗失了 每个人都暴露在他的肉体之外 要去的地方是个苦难窝 即使穿上盔甲 此时也不能 把你的穴道包裹起来 你的每一寸肌肤终究会 慵懒起来 可供抚摸 她也会为此快活一番 关灯吧 进化论的高潮一再说: 你今晚准备献出来的 不是那么重要 对她而言 ( 他们的孩子会看见 生育的全过程 羊水 血 婴儿 唏里哗啦地冲出来 没留下一滴精子可供选择 没留下一寸空间可供栖息) Changing Room(fintxt).indd 138 9/21/11 12:22 PM 139 Her Point of View From one side of the bed, her point of view Looking through the opposite side watching your body Emerging from a heap of clothing cell phone shoes And keys And let’s not forget your fingers They’re long, slender and straight It’s as if we could hear once again The collision of hipbones and daylight Everyone’s been desexed Everyone’s unhealthy Everyone’s exposed outside their flesh The place you’re headed is a slough of despond Even your suit of armor cannot Protect your pressure points this time Every square inch of your skin Will grow slack in the end Perhaps a little stroking Might give her some pleasure as well Turn out the lights The climax of evolutionary theory repeats ad nauseam: What you’re about to offer up tonight Isn’t that important as far as she’s concerned (Their child could witness The entire process of procreation Amniotic fluid blood baby As it all comes splashing out there’s Nothing left behind, not one drop of semen Nothing left behind, no space to call a haven) Changing Room(fintxt).indd 139 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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