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92 水中的弟弟 水 兼有一室沧浪 兼有一点悲伤 凌空倒进体内的香水瓶 我嗅啊嗅 嗅到分别的寒气 座中有我所爱 弟弟 在我的右侧 匆匆改了装 水呀 淹过了脚趾 “我” 回答时像含着一枚果 吐出来像深深的长矛 宝石光样的 孤注一掷 迷失了它的背影 弟弟 当夏日逼人 我愿 绘一张簪花小影 看看我眼里的气 透出纸背 射向云 能否 达到更深的洁癖 ? 水呀 淹过了脚踵 我们的双亲 在千里之外 我们的骨肉 在水中 我们的鞋 埋在纤尘里 我们这一对双胞胎 不放纵 不拘束 甚少哭泣 头盔 还有异类目光 沉入水底 弟弟 我独爱千顷之野 如同心中旧识 水呀 淹过了膝盖 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 92 9/21/11 12:22 PM 93 My Younger Brother in the Water Water it’s a room filled with waves it’s a little bit sad poured down from the sky into the perfume vial inside the body I sniff the air Catching a whiff of that chill Seated here my beloved Brother To my right a quick change of costume O the water has covered our toes “I” answer as if there were a small fruit in my mouth Spat out it drives deep as a lance Casting a glance bright as a jewel It’s the trail Brother when the summer days press down I want to Draw a picture of myself with flowers in my hair The spirit of my eyes flows out the back of the paper Shoots into the clouds Could anyone be More obsessively clean than that? O the water has covered our heels Our parents a thousand miles away Our flesh and blood in the water Our shoes deep in the dust of the road We twins Neither freed nor bound shedding few tears Helmets and inhuman eyes Sink to the bottom of the water Brother I love only those wild acres Like an old and intimate friend O the water is covering our knees Changing Room(fintxt).indd 93 9/21/11 12:22 PM 94 对畸形的事物嗜好 就像一个针眼 看不穿 又不知其深 弟弟 双眼和内心 都在贪馋地流泪 它们抖动泡沫 一匹一匹的 阳光布料 惊吓了 闷闷低飞的鸟 水呀 淹过了腰腹 弟弟 当冬日将至 刀刃已在闪光 冰霜的问候 躲在你的柔和嗓音里 “要”或者“不要” 伤了我 在这两叶 灰心的肺囊里 我呀 高举起熙熙攘攘的十根手指 不是投降 是向前 搅起一池哀嚎 水呀 淹过了胸腔 酹酒、修书、失睡 弟弟——不可测的度 驯服了前尘、后世和今生 他们洗一个澡 灭灯 然后相拥而眠 这一切 是自然的问题 弟弟 不是形而上的主题 也不仅仅是男女的问题 水呀 淹过了脖颈 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 94 9/21/11 12:22 PM 95 A weakness for the grotesque Like the eye of a needle that you can’t see through And you can’t know its depth Brother Your eyes and heart Weeping with hunger Tears that make the bubbles tremble Bolt by bolt Sunlight’s fabric startles Listless birds flying low O the water has covered our waists Brother as winter approaches The knife’s blade is flashing a frosty salutation Lurking inside your gentle voice “Will” or “Won’t” Have hurt me In this pair of Burnt-out lungs O, I Raise high my ten unruly fingers It’s not a surrender but an advance Stirring up a pool of lamentations O the water has covered our chests Offering libations, compiling books, losing sleep Brother — unfathomable depths Have tamed the past, the future and this life They bathe quench the lamps And fall asleep in each other’s arms All of this Is a question of Nature Brother And not of metaphysics Nor is it simply a problem between men and women O the water has risen to our necks Changing Room(fintxt).indd 95 9/21/11 12:22 PM 96 那深 是否触动了爱 那冷 帮助你 对天真 对热忱 不断研究 弟弟 我们的天性是遗传 ? 还是诗歌路过时 派生出的蜂蜜 ? 早晚饮一杯 对彼此有益 黑暗中的鼻孔嗅到 那极端的甜…… 水呀 淹过了头顶 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 96 9/21/11 12:22 PM 97 That depth does it move you to love That cold helps you Ceaselessly probing innocence And zealotry Brother Is our nature something we inherit? Or is it the honey that’s distilled When a poem passes by Morning and evening we’ll drink a cup to our mutual health In the dark our nostrils flare and breathe in The intense sweetness . . . O the water has covered our heads Changing Room(fintxt).indd 97 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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