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34 玩偶 当我厌倦了黑夜 常常从梦里坐起 开口说话 小小的玩偶闪着褐光 我说话 带着一种不真切的口吻 我说着一直想说的胡言乱语 像静物 也像黑暗中的灯泡 面目丑陋的玩偶不慌不忙 无法识别它内心的狂野 当我拧亮台灯 梦在纸上燃烧 我的梦多么心酸 思念我儿时的玩伴 躺在我手上,一针又一针 我缝着它的面孔和笑容 梦见未来的一夜 它开口说话 来到我的床边 白色的床 分开阴阳两界 白色蚊帐 是这玩偶的衣裳 这玩偶的眼睛 比万物安宁 这玩偶的梦 飘向我的世界 我的梦多么心酸 夜夜梦见你站在床前 你的手像一把剪刀 时时要把我伤害 ? Changing Room(fintxt).indd 34 9/21/11 12:22 PM 35 Doll Weary of the black night I often emerge from a dream to sit upright open my mouth and speak Little doll gleaming brown I talk but the words aren’t making sense I say the crazy things I’ve always wanted to say Like a still life like a lightbulb in the dark This ugly doll isn’t in a hurry Its inner wildness undetectable When I switch on the table lamp dreams kindle on paper My dreams are sad I miss my childhood friends It lies in my hand and one stab at a time I stitch on its face and its smile I dream of the night it opens its mouth and speaks Approaches my bedside The white bed divided into the realms of yin and yang The white mosquito net is the doll’s clothing The eyes of this doll Are calmer than all of creation The dreams of this doll Float towards my world My dreams bring me only heartache Night after night I see you standing by my bed Your hand like a pair of scissors Have you always wanted to hurt me? Changing Room(fintxt).indd 35 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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