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24 黑房间 天下乌鸦一般黑,至此 我感到胆怯,它们有如此多的 亲戚,它们人多势众,难以抗拒 我们却必不可少,我们姐妹三人 婷婷玉立,来回踱步 胜券在握的模样 我却有意使坏,内心刻薄 表面保持当女儿的好脾气 重蹈每天的失败 待字闺中,我们是名门淑女 悻悻地微笑,挖空心思 使自己变得多姿多采 年轻,貌美,如火如荼 炮制很黑,很专心的圈套 (哪些牙齿磨利,目光笔直的好人 毫无起伏的面容是我的姐夫 ?) 我感到 我们的房间危机四伏 在夜晚,猫和老鼠都醒着 我们去睡,在梦中寻找陌生的门牌号码 在夜晚,我们是瓜熟蒂落的女人 颠鸾倒凤,如此等等 我们姐妹三人,我们日新月异 婚姻,依然是择偶的中心 卧室的光线使新婚夫妇沮丧 孤注一掷,我对自己说 “家是出发的地方” Changing Room(fintxt).indd 24 9/21/11 12:22 PM 25 The Black Room All crows under Heaven are equally black, and this Fills me with fear, they have so many Relatives, their numbers are legion, they’re hard to resist But we’re indispensable, we three sisters Slim and graceful, we glide to and fro Looking like winners But I intend to make mischief, I’m cruel at heart Keeping up the appearance of a sweet-tempered daughter My footsteps retrace my daily defeats Awaiting proposals in our boudoirs, we young ladies of good family Smile resentfully, racking our brains For ways to enhance our charms Youthful, beautiful, like fires ablaze Seared black, single-minded snares (Which of these good men with well-sharpened teeth, an unwavering gaze And a steady expression will be my brother-in-law?) I sense Our chamber beset on all sides At night, cats and mice alike are stirring And we go to sleep, searching our dreams for unknown house numbers At night, we women are like ripe melons ready to fall from the vine Conjugal bliss, and all of that We three sisters, different with each new day Marriage, still the crux of finding a mate Lights in the bedroom fill newlyweds with disappointment Risk it all on one throw, I tell myself “Home is where the journey begins” Changing Room(fintxt).indd 25 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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