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20 第十二月 如今已到离开静安庄的时候 牝马依然敲响它的黑蹄 西北风吹过无人之境 使一群牛犊想起战争…… 迄今无法证明空虚的形体 落日象瘟疫降临,坐在村头 内心疮痍如一棵树 双手布置白色树液的欲望,被你唤醒 我抬头看见飞碟,偶然出现 偷偷抚摸怀中之石,临别与我接吻 整个村庄蒙受你的阴沉 鞋子装满沙粒,空气密布麦芽气味 太阳又高又冷 努力想成为有脑髓的生物 年迈的妇女翻动痛苦的鱼 每个角落,人头骷髅装满尘土 脸上露出干燥的微笑,晃动的黑影 步行的声音来自地底,如血液流动 蝴蝶们看见自己投奔死亡的模样 与你相似,距离是所有事物的中心 在地面上,我仍是异乡的孤身人 始终在这个鸦雀无声的村庄 耳听此时出生的古老喉音 肋骨隐隐作痛 一度可接近的时间为我打开黑夜的大门 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 20 9/21/11 12:22 PM 21 The Twelfth Month The time has come for me to leave Tranquil Village The mare still stamps her black hooves The northwest wind blows across this no-man’s land Reminding the herd of calves of war . . . At this point there’s no way to confirm the shape of emptiness The setting sun descends like pestilence, sitting over the village My heart wounded like a tree, My hands arranging the desire of white sap. Awakened by your calls I look up and see a flying saucer, it appears out of nowhere Furtively caresses the stone in my breast, kisses me good-bye The whole village has put up with your moodiness, Shoes filled with grains of sand, the air thick with the scent of wheat grass The sun is high and cold Wishing with all its heart it could become a sentient being An old woman turns over a fish that’s in agony In every corner, human skulls full of dust Parched smiles on their faces, trembling shadows The sound of footsteps comes from underground, flowing like blood Butterflies see how they look in their flight from death Like you, distance lies at the center of everything Here on this ground, I’m still in a strange land All along in this village where even the sparrows are silent I’ve heard the ancient guttural sound born in this moment Ribs secretly aching An interval of approachable time opens for me the immense gate of night Changing Room(fintxt).indd 21 9/21/11 12:22 PM 22 女孩子站在暮色里 灰色马、灰色人影 石板被踢起的火花照亮 一种恶心感觉象雨淋在屋顶 婴儿的苦闷产生 我们离开 带着无法揣测的血肉之躯 归根结蒂,我到过这里 讨人喜欢 我走的时候却不怀好意 被烟熏出眼泪,目光朝向 伤了元气的轮回部分和古老的皱纹 低飞的鸟穿过内心使我一无所剩 刻着我出生日期的老榆树 又结满我父亲年龄的旧草绳 因给予我们生命而骄傲 村里的人站在向阳的斜坡上 对白昼怀疑,又绕尽远路回到夜里休息 老年人深深的目光使布满恶意的冬天撤退 使我强有力的脸上出现裂痕 最先看见魔术的孩子站在树下 他仍在思索 所有一切是怎样变出来的 在那些看不见的时刻 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 22 9/21/11 12:22 PM 23 A girl is standing in the dusk Gray horse, gray human shadows Flagstones illuminated by kicked up sparks Nausea, like rain pattering on the rooftop The depressing birthing of a baby We are leaving Taking with us our unfathomable flesh and blood In the end you could say I came here Eager to please, Now I’m leaving, my good will spent Smoke brings tears to my eyes, my gaze turns inward Dispirited bits of samsara and ancient wrinkles Low-flying birds bore through my heart and leave me empty The old elm with my birth date carved into it Bound once more with hemp ropes as old as my father Is prideful because it gave us life The villagers stand on the south-facing slope Suspicious of daytime, taking the long way around again, back to their evening rest The elders’ profound gazes send winter’s malice into retreat Leaving cracks in my strong face. The first thing I saw was a magical child standing beneath a tree He’s wondering still How all of this came to be During these unseen moments Changing Room(fintxt).indd 23 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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