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18 第五月 这是一个充满怀疑的日子,她来到此地 月亮露出凶光,繁殖令人心碎的秘密 走在黑暗中,夜光磷磷,天然无饰 她使白色变得如此分明 许多夜晚重新换过,她的手 放在你胸前依然神秘 蚕豆花细心地把静安庄吃掉 他人的入睡芬芳无比 在水一方,有很怪的树轻轻冷笑 有人叹息无名,她并不介意 进入你活生生的身体 使某些东西成形,它们是活的 ? 痛苦的树在一夜间改变模样 麦田守望人惊异 波动的土地使自己的根彻底消失 她去,她来,带着虚幻的风度 硕大无朋的石榴 从拐角两边的矮墙 露出内在淫欲的颜色 缓缓走动,憎恨所有的风 参与各种事物的恶毒,她一向如此 早已变成不明之物 甘美倾心的声音在你心内 其它失眠者的五月,因想到 扶乩的咒语,微微泛起不自觉的的怯意 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 18 9/21/11 12:22 PM 19 The Fifth Month This is a day full of suspicion, she has arrived at this place And the moon reveals its savage light, seeding heartrending secrets Walking in the dark, the phosporescent night, natural and unadorned She makes the whiteness well-defined So many nights, one after another, her hands On your chest keep their mystery Broadbean flowers are eating up Tranquil Village with great care Falling asleep is incomparably sweet for others Along the river, a strange tree sneering faintly Someone sighs at anonymity, but she doesn’t mind Entering your living body Gives certain things a shape; are they alive? A suffering tree alters its appearance overnight The scarecrow guarding the wheat fields is startled His roots have disappeared beneath the heaving earth She goes, she returns, with a dream-like quality At the corner of two low walls A gigantic pomegranate Displays its lusty colors Walking languidly, despising all the winds With a hand in all kinds of evil, she’s always been like this The tender and intimate voice in your heart Grew faint long ago For the other insomniacs, in the fifth month, recalling Planchette and incantations spreads an unconscious fear Changing Room(fintxt).indd 19 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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