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16 第二月 从早到午,走遍整个村庄 我的脚听从地下的声音 让我到达沉默的深度 无论走到哪家门前,总有人站着 端着饭碗,有人摇着空空的摇篮 走过一堵又一堵墙,我的脚不着地 荒屋在那里穷凶极恶,积着薄薄红土 是什么挡住我如此温情的视线 ? 在蚂蚁的必死之路 脸上盖着树叶的人走来 向日葵被割掉头颅. 粗糙糜烂的脖子 伸在天空下如同一排谎言 蓑衣装扮成神,夜里将作恶多端 寒食节出现的呼喊 村里人因抚慰死者而自我克制 我寻找,总带着未遂的笑容 内心伤口与他们的肉眼连成一线 怎样才能进入静安庄 尽管每天都有溺婴尸体和服毒的新娘 他们回来了,花朵列成纵队反抗 分娩的声音突然提高 感觉落日从里面崩溃 我在想 : 怎样才能进入 这时鸦雀无声的村庄 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 16 9/21/11 12:22 PM 17 The Second Month From dawn to noon, I cover the whole village on foot My steps obeying a voice from beneath the ground That brings me to the very depths of silence No matter whose gate I come to, someone is standing there With a rice bowl in their hands, and someone is rocking an empty cradle Passing wall after wall, my feet don’t touch the ground The abandoned houses there, boundless in their cruelty, coated in fine red dust What blocks my sympathetic gaze? On a path where ants are sure to die People are walking, their faces covered with leaves All of the sunflowers have had their heads lopped off. Their coarse, defiled necks Stretch beneath the sky like a row of lies A cape made of straw masquerades as a god, ready for a night of wicked deeds Shouts ring out during the Cold Food festival To comfort the dead, the villagers exercise restraint I keep searching, wearing my ever-failing smile The wound in my heart is strung on the same thread as their naked eyes How can I ever be part of Tranquil Village? Each day brings more drowned babies and brides who swallow poison They’ve come back, and the flowers line up in formation, ready to resist Suddenly, the sounds of childbirth grow louder I feel the setting sun implode I wonder: how can I ever be part of This village where even the birds are silent Changing Room(fintxt).indd 17 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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