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10 旋转 并非只是太阳在旋转 沉沦早已开始,当我倒着出生 这挣扎如此恐怖,使我成形 保存这头朝地的事实我已长得这般大 我来的时候并不是一颗星 我站得很稳,路总在转 从东到西,无法逃脱圆圈的命运 够了,不久我的头被装上轨道 我亲眼注视着它向天空倾倒 并竭力保持自身的重量 大地压着我的脚,一个沉重的天 毁坏我,是那轮子在晕旋 天竺葵太象我的心,又细腻又热情 但我无法停下来,使它不再转 微笑最后到来,象一个致命的打击 夜还是白昼 ? 全都一样 孵出卵石之眼和雌雄之躯 据说球茎花已开得一无所剩 但靠着那条路的边缘 黑色涡旋正茫茫无边 旋转又旋转,象一颗 飞舞着不祥事件的星 把我团团围住 : 但谁在你的外端 ? Changing Room(fintxt).indd 10 9/21/11 12:22 PM 11 Revolving It’s not just the sun that revolves The sinking started long ago, when I was born, upside down The struggle was terrifying, and it shaped me Maintaining this face-down reality, I’ve grown to the age that I have I was no star when I arrived I stand very still, while the road twists and turns From East to West, there’s no escaping the circle of Fate But enough of that, for soon my head will be put into orbit With my own eyes I see it cast into the sky Where it fights that weightlessness with all of its strength Earth presses down onto my feet, a heavy sky Destroys me, it’s that wheel spinning Geraniums are too much like my heart, hot-blooded and slim But I can’t stop, can’t stop it from turning And finally there’s a smile, like a fatal blow Night or day? It’s all the same An eye that hatches oval stones, male and female bodies They say the kohlrabi has flowered and withered already But at the edge of the road Black whirlpools are spinning into infinity Revolving and revolving, like an Unlucky star dancing in the air Round and round, encircling me, but who is on your outer surface? Changing Room(fintxt).indd 11 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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