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8 边缘 傍晚六点钟, 夕阳在你们 两腿之间燃烧 睁着精神病人的浊眼 你可以抗议,但我却饱尝 风的啜泣,一粒小沙并不起眼 注视着你们,它想说 鸟儿又在重复某个时刻的旋律 你们已走到星星的边缘 你们懂得沉默 两个名字的奇异领略了秋天 你们隐藏起脚步,使我 得不到安宁,蝙蝠在空中微笑 说着一种并非人类的语言 这个夜晚无法安排一个 更美好的姿态, 你的头 靠在他的腿上, 就象 水靠着自己的岩石 现在你们认为无限寂寞的时刻 将化为葡萄, 该透明的时候透明 该破碎的时候破碎 瞎眼的池塘想望穿夜,月亮如同 猫眼,我不快乐也不悲哀 靠在已经死去的栅栏上注视你们 我想告诉你 没有人去拦阻黑夜 黑暗已进入这个边缘 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 8 9/21/11 12:22 PM 9 Margins Six in the evening, the setting sun blazes Across your coupled limbs Staring into the cloudy eyes of a madman You could fight back, but I’ve had my fill of The wind’s sobbing, and no one will notice a grain of sand Staring fixedly at the two of you, it’s trying to say The birds are once again repeating an old refrain You two have walked to the margins of the stars You know the meaning of silence The strangeness of two names savoring autumn You cover your tracks, denying me Even a vestige of peace, while up in the sky grinning bats Converse in a language not entirely human You couldn’t possibly make a prettier picture Than you do tonight, your head Pillowed on his lap, the way Water is cradled by stones Now you believe the loneliest moments Will ripen into grapes, turning translucent when they should turn translucent Bursting when they should burst The blinded pool wants to see right through the night, the moon like A cat’s eye, and I’m neither pleased nor aggrieved Leaning against a dead fence and staring at you both I want to tell you No one is holding back the night Darkness is already encroaching on these margins Changing Room(fintxt).indd 9 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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