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6 渴望 今晚所有的光只为你照亮 今晚你是一小块殖民地 久久停留,忧郁从你身体内 渗出,带着细腻的水滴 月亮像一团光洁芬芳的肉体 酣睡,发出诱人的气息 两个白昼夹着一个夜晚 在它们之间,你黑色眼圈 保持着欣喜 怎样的喧嚣堆积成我的身体 无法安慰,感到有某种物体将形成 梦中的墙壁发黑 使你看见三角形泛滥的影子 全身每个毛孔都张开 不可捉摸的意义 星星在夜空毫无人性地闪耀 而你的眼睛装满 来自远古的悲哀和快意 带着心满意足的创痛 你优美的注视中,有着恶魔的力量 使这一刻,成为无法抹掉的记忆 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 6 9/21/11 12:22 PM 7 Desire Tonight all the lights are shining for you Tonight you are a small colonial outpost You’ve lingered here, and melancholy seeps From your body, with tiny, perfect drops of water Like a clean bright ball of scented flesh, the moon Sleeps sweetly, each breath a seduction A night squeezed between two days And in their midst, the black orbs of your eyes Still filled with joy What kind of tumult was heaped together to shape my body Beyond consolation, feeling like some substance about to take form The walls in the dream turn black Making you see the shadows overflowing the triangle Every pore on your body opens up Concepts you cannot grasp Stars in the night sky glimmer inhumanly But your eyes are flooded With the sorrows and joys of antiquity Bearing the wounds of contentment Your beautiful gaze possesses a demonic power That transforms this moment into a memory that can’t be wiped away Changing Room(fintxt).indd 7 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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