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4 荒屋 那里有深紫色台阶 那里植物是红色的太阳鸟 那里石头长出人脸 我常常从那里走过 以各种紧张的姿态 我一向在黄昏时软弱 而那里荒屋闭紧眼睛 我站在此地观望 看着白昼痛苦的光从它身上流走 念念有词,而心忐忑 脚步绕着圈,从我大脑中走过 房顶射出传染性的无名悲痛 像一个名字高不可攀 像一件礼物孤芳自赏和一幅画 像一块散发着高贵品质的玻璃死气沉沉 那里一切有如谣言 那里有害热病的灯提供阴谋 那里后来被证明 : 无物可寻 我来了 我靠近 我侵入 怀着从不开敞的脾气 活得像一个灰瓮 它的傲慢日子仍然尘封未动 就像它是荒屋 我是我自己 Changing Room(fintxt).indd 4 9/21/11 12:22 PM 5 Abandoned House There, the steps are a deep purple There, the plants are red sunbirds There, the stones have human faces I often pass by there In a variety of nervous postures I’ve always been feeble come dusk And that abandoned house shuts its eyes tight As I stand and stare Watching rays of daylight slide from its body in agony Muttering to myself, my heart racing My footsteps circle, while the nameless and contagious sorrow Shooting from the rooftop passes through my brain Like a name too lofty to reach Like a gift savored in solitary splendor or a painting Like a piece of glass sparkling with refinement but heavy with death There, everything is like a rumor And heatstruck lamps offer their conspiracies There, it will be proven: nothing more will remain I arrive I approach I trespass Nursing a temperament I’ve never revealed Living like an urn filled with ashes Its proud days lie buried in dust, untouched And just like this abandoned house I am myself Changing Room(fintxt).indd 5 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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