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Contents vii Introduction by Wang Ping xi Translator’s Foreword by Andrea Lingenfelter 预感 2 Premonition 荒屋 4 Abandoned House 渴望 6 Desire 边缘 8 Margins 旋转 10 Revolving 第一月 12 The First Month 第二月 16 The Second Month 第五月 18 The Fifth Month 第十二月 20 The Twelfth Month 黑房间 24 The Black Room 白色的走廊 26 White Corridor 我的蝙蝠 30 My Bat 玩偶 34 Doll 肖像 36 from Portrait 身体 38 from Body 十四首素歌 40 Fourteen Plainsongs 剪刀手的对话 68 Scissorhands’ Dialogue 盲人按摩师 76 The Blind Masseur and Some 的几种方式 of His Methods 更衣室 86 The Changing Room 水中的弟弟 92 My Younger Brother in the Water Changing Room(fintxt).indd 5 9/21/11 12:22 PM 吸管 98 Straw 读报 100 Reading the News 白日之眠 102 Daylight Slumbers 给吕德安 104 For Lü De’an 催眠术 106 Hypnosis 天敌 108 Natural Enemies 我醉,你不喝 110 I’m Drunk and You’re Dry 烟花的寂寞 114 Fireworks and Working Girls 终于使我周 116 In the End I Come Up Short 转不灵 它们总是如此 118 Things Are Always Like That 菊花灯笼漂过来 122 Chrysanthemum Lanterns Go Floating By 重阳登高 126 Climbing the Heights on the Double Ninth 潜水艇的悲哀 130 The Submarine’s Lament 轻伤的人, 134 Lightly Injured People, Gravely Wounded City 重伤的城市 她的视点 138 Her Point of View 时间美人之歌 140 The Song of Historical Beauties 关于雏妓的 148 Report on a Child Prostitute 一次报道 五十年代的语言 154 The Language of the ’50s 胡惠姗自述 158 The Testament of Hu Huishan 毕利烟 162 Bidis Changing Room(fintxt).indd 6 9/21/11 12:22 PM ...


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