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Contents Preface vii Introduction: The Just War Tradition and the Practice of Political Authority 1 Anthony F. Lang Jr. and Cian O’Driscoll PART I: THE PRACTICE OF AUTHORITY 1 The Right to Use Armed Force: Sovereignty, Responsibility, and the Common Good 19 James Turner Johnson 2 Just War and Political Judgment 35 Chris Brown 3 Natural Flourishing as the Normative Ground of Just War: A Christian View 49 Nigel Biggar 4 ‘‘Not in My Name’’? Legitimate Authority and Liberal Just War Theory 63 John Williams 5 The Inseparability of Gender Hierarchy, the Just War Tradition, and Authorizing War 81 Laura Sjoberg 6 Legitimate Authority and the War against Al-Qaeda 97 Nahed Artoul Zehr 7 Problems of Legitimacy within the Just War Tradition and International Law 115 Tarik Kochi v vi Contents 8 Narrative Authority 135 Anthony F. Lang Jr. PART II: AUTHORITY IN PRACTICE 9 Culpability and Punishment in Classical Theories of Just War 157 Gregory M. Reichberg 10 The Necessity of ‘‘Right Intent’’ for Justifiably Waging War 181 Joseph Boyle 11 Revenge, Affect, and Just War 197 Brent J. Steele 12 Just War and Guerrilla War 213 Michael L. Gross 13 Bugsplat: US Standing Rules of Engagement, International Humanitarian Law, Military Necessity, and Noncombatant Immunity 231 Neta C. Crawford 14 Just War and Military Education and Training 251 Martin L. Cook PART III: THE TRIUMPH OF JUST WAR? 15 The Triumph of Just War Theory and Imperial Overstretch 267 John Kelsay 16 The Wager Lost by Winning? On the ‘‘Triumph’’ of the Just War Tradition 283 Nicholas Rengger Conclusion: Reclaiming the Just War Tradition for International Political Theory 299 Cian O’Driscoll Contributors 305 Index 311 ...


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