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v Contents Preface  vii Introduction  1 Part I: Reflections    1  Stories of Community and Work in the Redd Center Oral History Program   11 Jessie L. Embry 2  A Two-Way Street: Explaining and Creating Community through Oral History   29 Barbara Allen Bogart 3  Probing Memory and Experience: The Untapped Potential of Oral History (Re)Collections   42 Laurie Mercier Part II: Examples of Neglected Groups    4  “Everybody Worked Back Then”: Oral History, Memory, and Indian Economies in Northern California   61 William Bauer 5  Bittersweet Memories: Oral History, Mexican Americans, and the Power of Place   82 José M. Alamillo 6  “That’s All We Knew”: An Oral History of Family Labor in the American Southwest   102 Skott Brandon Vigil vi contents 7  “Colorado Has Been Real Good to Us”: An Oral History Project with Japanese Americans in Weld County, Colorado  127 Georgia Wier 8  Using Oral History to Record the Story of the Las Vegas African American Community   150 Claytee White 9  Women at Work in Las Vegas, 1940–1980   175 Joanne L. Goodwin 10  “Every Woman Has a Story”: Donna Joy McGladrey’s Alaskan Adventure  197 Sandra K. Mathews 11  Searching for the Rest of the Story: Documenting the Dee School of Nursing   222 John Sillito, Sarah Langsdon, and Marci Farr 12  The Utah Eagle Forum: Legitimizing Political Activism as Women’s Work   247 Melanie Newport Part III: Essential Sources    13  Creating Community: Telling the Story of the Mormons in Fort Collins, Colorado   267 Linda M. Meyer 14  Every Mine, Every Cow Camp, Every Ranch: Oral History as Fieldwork   284 Leisl Carr Childers 15  Oral History among the Orchards: A Look at the James George Stratton Family   305 Kristi Young Afterword: When History Talks Back   327 Clyde A. Milner II Contributors  339 Index  345 ...


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