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C O V E R D E S I G N B Y S E B A S T I A N S T A C H O W S K I A Laboratory of Transnational History Ukraine and Recent Ukrainian Historiography EDITED BY GEORGIY KASIANOV AND PHILIPP THER “Compared to other European countries of similar size and population, Ukraine exhibits a high degree of cultural, social , and political diversity. Its history has been marked by a multitude and mixture of languages, religions, and cultures . The empires that ruled Ukraine have also made a lasting impression. In traditional national historiography, diversity has been regarded as a problem rather than an asset. Whatever one’s attitude to diversity, it is an essential feature of modernity, making Ukraine a prime laboratory for the study of modern politics and culture. Historians of Ukraine can observe and analyze in their chosen area of study various and competing macro processes such as nation-building, class formation , and secularization (as well as deand resecularization). This helps explain the increasing interest in Ukraine on the part of Western scholars who have no family roots or other ties to the country. What adds to the fascination is that in Ukraine many of these processes exhibit features commonly ascribed to postmodernity . They are not linear but discontinuous and driven by external factors, creating a low degree of cultural and social homogeneity compared to other European countries.” From the Introduction ABOUT THE EDITORS Georgiy Kasianov is head of the Department of Contemporary Politics and History, Institute of Ukrainian History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is also director of education programs at the International Renaissance Foundation in Kyiv. He teaches at the Department of History, Kyiv Mohyla Academy National University. Philipp Ther teaches modern European history at the Department of History and Civilization, European University Institute (Florence). CONTENTS Introduction: Georgiy Kasianov, Philipp Ther I. National versus Transnational History· Georgiy Kasianov: “Nationalized” History: Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Future· Mark von Hagen: Revisiting the Histories of Ukraine· Andreas Kappeler: From an Ethnonational to a Multiethnic to a Transnational Ukrainian History· Philipp Ther: The Transnational Paradigm of Historiography and its Potential for Ukrainian History II. Ukrainian History Rewritten· Natalia Yakovenko: Choice of Name versus Choice of Path: The Names of Ukrainian Territories from the Late Sixteenth to the Late Seventeenth Century· Oleksiy Tolochko: Fellows and Travelers: Thinking about Ukrainian History in the Early Nineteenth Century· Alexei Miller and Oksana Ostapchuk: The Latin and Cyrillic Alphabets in Ukrainian National Discourse and in the Language Policy of Empires· John-Paul Himka: Victim Cinema. Between Hitler and Stalin: Ukraine in World War II—The Untold Story· Yaroslav Hrytsak: On the Relevance and Irrelevance of Nationalism in Contemporary Ukraine· Roman Szporluk: The Making of Modern Ukraine: The Western Dimension About the Contributors Index An unrivalled collective effort by the finest scholars in the field from Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, Austria and Canada, superbly written to a high academic standard. The various chapters are methodologically innovative and thought-provoking. The biggest country located in Eastern Europe has ancient roots but also the birth pangs of a newly independent state. Its historiography is characterized by animated debates, in which this book takes a definite stance. The history of Ukraine is not written here as a linear, teleological narrative of ethnic Ukrainians but as a multidimensional history of a diversity of cultures, religious denominations, languages and historical experience . It is not presented as causal explanation of “what has to have happened” but rather as conjunctures and contingencies, disruptions, and episodes of “lack of history.” A Laboratory of Transnational History Central European University Press Budapest – New York Sales and information: Website: 9 789639 776265 ukr2.indd 1 ukr2.indd 1 2008-11-06 12:15:42 2008-11-06 12:15:42 ...


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