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Illustrations Plates Plate 1.1. African Hospitality 19 Plate 3.1. The Slave Trade 51 Maps Map 1. The Atlantic Basin xvi Map 2. Key slaving regions in Africa xvii Map 3. Jamaican parish boundaries, 1770–1813 xviii Map 4. Jamaica Point, Sherbro Island (Sierra Leone) 2 Figures Figure 1.1. African captives purchased for sale in Jamaica, 1701–1808 10 Figure 1.2. Africans forcibly transported to Jamaica, 1775–1808 12 Figure 2.1. Percentage of captive men, women, and children put on British slave ships, 1776–1800 31 Figure 2.2. Areas of provenance for captives transported to Jamaica, 1776–1808 47 Tables Table 3.1. Age and Sex of Captives Embarked by Area of Provenance, 1776–1808 54 Table A.1. Captives Transported to Jamaica, 1751–1775 139 Table A.2. Captives Transported to Jamaica, 1776–1808 139 x · Illustrations Table A.3. Percentage of Captive Men, Women, and Children Transported on British Ships, 1751–1808 140 Table A.4. Areas of Provenance for Captives Shipped to Jamaica in the Eighteenth Century 141 Table A.5. Percentage of Ships at Ports of Disembarkation in Jamaica, 1751–1808 141 ...


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