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303 Appendix G other Professional Productions and new Versions The entries listed below represent productions discussed in chapters 1–3 or the epilogue that are not included in other appendices. 1820 Talfourd’s Alcestue (misspelling of Alcestis?), Boston, starring George E. Brown, Boston (R. Sherman 1944, 20). 1836 Talfourd’s Ion, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, starring Ms. Ternan as Ion, and in new york, starring G. Jones. 1836–37 Talfourd’s Ion, new york’s national Theatre, starring Charles Burke as Ion. 1837 Talfourd’s Ion, Park Theatre, new york, starring Ellen Tree as Ion. 1837 Ion Travestie, burlesque, perhaps derived from the British version by Frederick Fox Cooper, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia. Ion Travestie also appeared at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia with a Mr. Walton as Ion. 1840 Talfourd’s Ion, Bowery Theatre, new york, starring Mrs. Shaw as Ion. 1845 Talfourd’s Ion, revived in new york with Ellen Tree, with a rival new york production, Bowery Theatre, starring Mrs. Shaw as Ion (odell 4: 124). 1850 Burlesque of F. Talfourd’s Alcestis, or the Original Strong-Minded Woman, at both Burton ’s olympic Theater and Brougham’s Theatre, new york (Brown 1: 287; odell 6: 148 and 5: 57). 1852 Talfourd’s Ion, new york, with Anna Mowatt as Ion. 1853 Talfourd’s Ion, Buffalo, new york (Buffalo Commercial, May 23, 1853). 1857 Talfourd’s Ion, Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia. 1857 Talfourd’s Ion, a theater in new york, with Mrs. J.W. Wallack Jr. as both Shakespeare’s Romeo and Ion. 1858 and 1862 Talfourd’s Ion, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia. 1858 Version of Electra without a chorus that included a character called Arcas, presented by Fred Widdows, starring Cordelia Cappell as Electra, Mrs. Jm Taylor as Clytemnestra, 304 Appendix G and Isaac C. Pray as orestes, new york’s Academy of the Drama, six performances opening on June 30, 1858 (Albion 36.27, July 3, 1858, 320; New York Leader 4.21, July 3, 1858, 5; New York Times, June 30, 1858; Brandes 1945, 62–63). 1859 Talfourd’s Ion, Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, with Mrs. James W. Wallack; in 1866 with Jean Hosmer as Ion; and in 1867 at the same theater with Julia Dean. 1867 and 1869 Goethe’s Iphigenie auf Taurus, Academy of Music in Philadelphia and in new york in 1867, starring Francesca Janauschek (Brown 2: 60; odell 8: 347 on the December 28, 1867, production). 1876 Helen in Egypt, directed by William Daly, Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia. 1877 Talfourd’s Ion, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, with Mary Anderson as Ion; Anderson also played the part in Boston in 1877 and 1881. 1887 Version of Electra, Arch Street opera House, Philadelphia (Philadelphia Theatre Index, Free Library of Philadelphia, 1855–2000). 1898 Aeschylus’s Eumenides, produced by Katherine Tingley, Music Hall, Buffalo, new york (Musical America II, november 19, 1898, 12; New York Tribune, november 19, 1898; Buffalo Evening News, December 2, 1898; Buffalo Express, December 4, 1898; Theosophical Path 27 [July 1924]: 86, cited in Greenwalt 1955, 43). 1911 Hippolytus by Julia Ward Howe (Howe 1941), Tremont Theatre, Boston, starring Margaret Anglin as Phaedra and Walter Hampden as Hippolytus (Philip Hale, Boston Herald, March 25, 1911; Boston Globe, March 25, 1911; New York Times, March 25, 1911; Mrs. S.C. Williams, Boston Advertiser, March 25, 1911; Christian Science Monitor, March 18, 1911; William E. Sage, Cleveland Leader, March 28, 1911). 1933 Aeschylus’s Libations Bearers, dance version by Doris Humphreys, drawing on music from Darius Milhaud and a text by Paul Claudel; studio performances of this work, entitled Orestes, occurred earlier (Bannermann 2010, 257–58). 1934 and 1935 Euripides’ Bacchae, directed by Eva Palmer Sikelianos at Smith and Bryn Mawr colleges (New York Times, June 2, 1934; Springfield Union, June 16, 1934; Smith College Weekly, June 20, 1934; College News, February 20, 1935, March 6, 1935, June 5, 1935; New York Herald Tribune, June 2, 1935; Prins, forthcoming). 1938 Trojan Incident, a Federal Dance Theatre Project version of Euripides’ Trojan Women, adapted by Philip H. Davis, St. James Theater on 44th Street, new york, directed by Helen Tamiris and Harold Bolton, choreography by Helen Tamiris, music by Wallingford Riegger , setting by Howard Bay, starring Isabel Booner as Hecuba and Helen Tamiris as Cassandra (Gervaise Butler, “Tamiris and a Tale of Troy,” Dance Observer, May 5, 1938, 60; Brooks Atkinson, New York Times, April 22, 1938; John Martin, New York Times, May 1, 1938; Grant Code, Dance Observer, June 9...


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