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295 Appendix F Professional Productions and new Versions of Euripides’ Iphigeneia in Aulis and Iphigeneia in Tauris The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama ( has fuller cast lists and more information on sources in some cases. These entries are as complete as current information allowed. Full listings for productions that combined IA and IT appear under IA. * Discussed or mentioned in the epilogue ** Discussed in chapter 1 *** Productions and new versions emphasizing Iphigeneia’s split or doubled psyche, some discussed or mentioned in the epilogue ( ) Important visiting production IPHIGENEIA IN AULIS **1915 Hearst Greek Theater, Berkeley, California, translation by Robert Potter, directed by and starring Margaret Anglin, Ruth Holt Boucicault as Clytemnestra, Fuller Mellish as Agamemnon, with music by Walter Damrosch (Munsey’s, July 1915; Boston Evening Transcript, August 26, 1915; San Francisco Call, September 8, 1915; New York Times, August 29, 1915; Walter Anthony, San Francisco Chronicle, August 15, 1915; Christian Science Monitor, August 28, 1915; LeVay 1989, 168; Johnson 1971, 304). **1921 Manhattan opera House, oratorio Society of new york, directed by Maurice Browne, starring Margaret Anglin as Clytemnestra, Mary Fowler as Iphigenia, and Eugene Powers as Agamemnon, with music by Walter Damrosch (Mr. Hornblow, Theatre Magazine, June 1921, 415; New York Daily Mirror, April 16, 1921; Alexander Woollcott, New York Times, April 9, 1921; Ludwig Lewisohn, Nation, April 8, 1921; Hartigan 1995, 67, 90–92). 1951 Iphigenia, part of Beyond the Mountains by Kenneth Rexroth (1951), The Living Theatre, Cherry Lane Theatre, new york (see chapter 3.2). 296 Appendix F 1960 new School for Social Research, new york, staged reading by The Living Theatre. *1967–68 Circle in the Square, new york, translated by Minos Volonakis, directed by Michael Cacoyannis, starring Irene Papas as Clytemnestra (later replaced by Jane White), Jenny Leigh as Iphigenia, and Mitchell Ryan as Agamemnon (Clive Barnes, New York Times, november 22, 1967; Sonkowsky, Arion, Summer 1968, 309–10; Martin Gottfried, Women’s Wear Daily, January 22, 1967; Clive Barnes, New York Times, April 6, 1968; Walter Kerr, New York Times, December 1, 1967; Richard Watts Jr., New York Post, november 22, 1967; Michael Smith, Village Voice, november 30, 1967; Whitney Bolton, Morning Telegraph, november 23, 1967; James Davis, Daily News, november 23, 1967; and Daphne Kraft, Newark Evening News, november 22, 1967; Hartigan 1995, 92–93). (1968 Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden, the Dallas Theater Center, new york, Piraikon Theatre, directed by Dimitrios Ronditis, starring Elsa Vergi as Clytemnestra, Karmen Roungeri and Miranda Zafeiropoulou as Iphigenia [Clive Barnes, New York Times, november 13, 1968; Whitney Bolton, Morning Telegraph, november 14, 1968; Richard Watts Jr., New York Post, november 13, 1968; Edward Southern Hipp, Newark Evening News, november 13, 1968; Hartigan 1995, 94].) *1968 Williamstown Theatre, Williamstown, Massachusetts, translated by Kenneth Cavander , directed by nikos Psacharopoulos, with music by Marvin David Levy, starring Laurie Kennedy as Iphigenia and olympia Dukakis as Clytemnestra. 1969 Ford’s Theatre, Circle in the Square, new york, translated by Minos Volonakis, directed by Randall Brooks. Revival of the 1967–68 Cacoyannis production with Patricia Bower as Iphigenia, Jane White as Clytemnestra, and Harris yulin as Agamemnon. ***1971 The Wedding of Iphigeneia and Iphigeneia in Concert by Gretchen Cryer and Doug Dyer, Martinson Hall, The Public Theater, new york, directed by Gerald Freedman, music by Peter Link and the band Goatleg (Douglas Watt, Daily News, December 17, 1971; Martin Gottfried, Women’s Wear Daily, December 17, 1971; George oppenheimer, Newsday, December 17, 1971; Richard Watts Jr., Theater, December 17, 1971; Walter Kerr, New York Times, December 26, 1971; Clive Barnes, New York Times, December 17, 1971; Variety, november 29, 1971; John Beaufort, Christian Science Monitor, December 20, 1971; Edith oliver, New Yorker, December 25, 1971; Marjorie Gunner, Bronx Home News, January 7, 1972, 7; Sege, Variety, December 29, 1971; Julius novick, Village Voice, December 23, 1971; Lillian Africano, Villager, December 30, 1971; Richard Watts, New York Post, December 17, 1971). 1981–82 McCarter Theater, Princeton, new Jersey, and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia , translation by W.S. Merwin and George Dimock Jr., directed by Spryos A. Evangelatos , starring Monique Fowler, Holly Barron, Tom Klunis, and Drew Keil. 1991 Iphigeneia at the Bay of Aulis (a musical), Thick Description, direction and text by Tony Kelly, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, California, starring Karen Amano as Iphigenia, Velina Braun as Clytemnestra, and Rhonnie Washington as Agamemnon ( 1991 The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia, adaptation and direction by Dennis Landi, Rock Creek Park...


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