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249 Appendix B Professional Productions and new Versions of Antigone The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama ( has fuller cast lists and more information on sources in some cases. These entries are as complete as current information allowed. (Only occasional productions of Anouilh’s popular Antigone are included.) * Discussed or mentioned in chapters 1–4 of this book (including brief mentions) ( ) Important visiting production *1845 Palmo’s opera House, new york, W. Dinneford producer, directed by George Vandenhoff , music by Felix Mendelssohn, starring Miss Clarendon as Antigone, George Vandenhoff as Creon; preview in 1844, Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia (R. Sherman 1944, 31); accompanied by a farce, “Mischief Making”; two farces presented with it after the first performance (Johnson 1971, 15; odell 5: 134) (New World, April 12, 1845; New York Herald, April 8, 1845; Anglo-American 4.25, April 12, 1845, 594–95; New York Evening Post, April 8, 1845; “The Drama,” Albion, British, Colonial, and Foreign Weekly Gazette, April 5, 1945, 164–68; Albion, April 19, 1845, 192; Poe 1845; odell 5: 134–35; Ireland (1866– 67) 1968, 2: 445; Brown 1: 340–41; Vandenhoff 1860, 243–45). *1845 Mitchell’s olympic Theatre, new york, burlesque of the 1845 Palmo’s Antigone (“Things Theatrical,” Spirit of the Times, April 12, 1845, 92, and April 19, 80; Albion, April 5, 1845, 168, and April 19, 192; odell 5: 128–29, Ireland (1866–67) 1968, 2, 442). *1890 The Saturday Morning Club of Boston, Bumstead Hall, Boston, translated by E.H. Plumptre, music by Felix Mendelssohn, starring Mrs. Caroline C. Burlen as Antigone and Mrs. Alice Kent as Creon (Boston Evening Transcript, Boston Daily Advertiser, Boston Post, Boston Herald, Boston Daily Globe, all March 13, 1890; Howe 1899, 157). *1891 Hyperion Theatre, new Haven (Boston Transcript, April 13, 1891), Mrs. H. Grant Thompson as Antigone, Mrs. S. Hartwell Chapman as Creon, and Miss Anna Richards as Haemon. 250 Appendix B (1894 Abbey’s Theater, new york, Comédie Française, French translation by Jules Lacroix, starring Jean Mounet-Sulley and Mme Second-Weber, music by Camille Saint-Saëns [New York Daily Tribune, March 28, 1894; New York Times, April 4, 1894; New York Herald , April 4, 1894; Critic 24.634, April 14, 1894, 260].) *1910 Berkeley Greek Theater, translated by E.H. Plumptre, music by Felix Mendelssohn, directed by George Riddle, starring Margaret Anglin as Antigone, Eugene ormonde as Creon, and Howard Hull as Haemon (Montgomery Phister, Cincinnati Commercial, July 10, 1910; New York Times, July 1, 1910; San Francisco Call, July 1, 1910; Burns Mantle, New York Evening Post, July 1, 1910; James o’Donnell Bennett, Chicago Record Herald, July 3, 1910; Ralph Renaud, Sunset 25 (September 1910): 331–36; Theatre Magazine 12.114 (August 1910): 48; Clayton Hamilton, Vogue, August 1910, reprinted in Hamilton 1920; LeVay 1989, 122). *1923 Equity Players, Forty-Eighth Street Theater, new york, choreographed by Margaret Gage, Edith Wynne Matthison as Antigone and Charles Rand Kennedy as Creon (May 25, 1923 in New York Sun, New York Herald, New York World, New York Telegraph; Theater Magazine, August 8, 1923). *1928 Berkeley Greek Theater, directed by Margaret Anglin as Antigone. *1930 Tiresias by Henry Bertram Lister (Lister 1931), La Boheme Club of San Francisco, Travers Theatre, Fairmont Hotel, directed by Frederic Smith, starring Alton Wood as Tiresias, Lister as oedipus, and his wife as Priestess (George C. Warren, San Francisco Chronicle, December 2, 1930; Templeton Peck, San Francisco News, December 3, 1930; o.E. Jones, San Francisco Call Bulletin, December 3, 1930). (1930 Jean Cocteau’s Antigone, American Laboratory Theatre, starring Marjorie Bretnall as Antigone [reviewed on April 25, 1930, in New York World, New York Sun, and New York Times].) 1931 Cleveland Playhouse, translated by Robert Whitelaw, designed by Arch Lauterer with group direction, starring Irene Tedow as Antigone, Ainsworth Arnold as Creon. 1933 Modern Greek American Progressive Association, A.W.A. Club, 361 West 57th Street, new york. 1944 Rollins Studio Players, East Hampton, Long Island, directed by Leighton Rollins with an all-female cast, starring Helen Hackett as Antigone and Suzanne Buch as Creon. 1945 Antigone by Alfred J. Brenner, staged reading in new york City by Hallie Flanagan Davis, the former director of the Federal Theater Project (folder in the new york Public Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center). 1946 Cort Theatre, new york, Jean Anouilh, Antigone, directed by Guthrie McClintic, starring Katharine Cornell as Antigone (Hartigan 1995, 112–14, 127; John Chapman...


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