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In more than ten years working on this book, I have piled up a lot of debts. The book relies heavily on archival research. Many friends of mine who lived near archives were kind enough to allow me to housesit or borrow a couch or spare bedroom. My thanks to Elizabeth Abrams, Jonathan Cedarbaum , Doug Greenfield and Elaine Quintana, Heather Grob, John and Deborah Hilts, Deborah Malamud, David Moss and Abigail Rischin, Lisa Rabin, Liz Sacksteder and Peter Harrar, Rip and Tracy Verkerke, Mark Walker, and Sarah Rosen Wartell. As it happened, I did not have friends to impose on everywhere I needed to go. The Olin Summer Fellowship Program at Yale Law School and the School of Law at the State University of New York at Buffalo provided funds to defray the cost of visits to several archives. I also owe a debt of gratitude to archivists and librarians who patiently responded to my requests for documents and information. In particular, I would like to thank Jodi Allison-Bunnell at the University of Montana, Denise Conklin at Pennsylvania State University, Tom Downey at the Studebaker Archives, Allen Fisher at the LBJ Library, Carolyn Kopp at TIAA-CREF,Tab Lewis at the National Archives, Judith Mellins at Harvard Law School, Hope Nisly at Cornell University, Scott Parham at the Nixon Papers Project, and Daniel Rooney at the Department of Commerce. I owe special thanks to the staff of the Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs at the Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University for helping me work with unprocessed materials in the collections of the United AutoWorkers.The staffs of theYale Law Library and the Law Library at the State University of New York at Buffalo also were indispensable. I have benefited from interviews, correspondence, and conversations with a number of participants in the events the book recounts.They include Merton Bernstein, Joseph Califano, Herbert Chabot, Robert Connerton, xiii Acknowledgments Frank Cummings, Kenneth Dam,Thomas Donahue, John Erlenborn, Karen Ferguson, Lester Fox, James Gaither, Bill Gibb, the late Michael S. Gordon, Vance Hartke, Peter Henle, the late Paul Jackson, Ken Morris, Russell Mueller, Gaylord Nelson, Tom Paine, Robert Paul, Loren Pennington, Bill Posner, Henry Rose, Bert Seidman, Jack Sheehan, Laurence Silberman, George Swick, the late James Tobin,Willard Wirtz, the late Leonard Woodcock , and Howard Young. In addition, Charles Ferris and the late Mike Mansfield responded to my inquiries about events in the Ninety-third Congress . I greatly appreciate their willingness to share their recollections and expertise with me. I began my research in 1993–94, when I was the Legal History Fellow at Yale Law School, and wrote drafts of several chapters in 1994–95, while I was a Golieb Fellow in Legal History at NewYork University School of Law. Besides providing a wonderful intellectual environment for my work, the School of Law at the State University of New York at Buffalo furnished financial support for research assistants, trips to several archives, and writing during the summers.The TIAA-CREF Institute provided a grant that freed me from teaching for a semester, and the Milbank Memorial Fund sponsored a conference on the book manuscript, at which I received valuable comments. I greatly appreciate the assistance I received from each of these institutions. Merton Bernstein, Guyora Binder, Michael Clowes, Martha Derthick, Daniel Fox, the late Michael S. Gordon,Andrew Gyory, Dan Halperin, Nell Hennessy, the late Paul Jackson, John Langbein, David Mayhew, David Moss, Bill Posner, Tom Paine, Robert Paul, John Rother, Dallas Salisbury, Steven Schanes, Jack Schlegel, Stephen Skowronek, Rogers Smith, and George Swick provided comments on the entire manuscript. Jim Atleson, Richard Bernstein, Jonathan Cedarbaum, Herbert Chabot, Frank Cummings , Frank Dobbin, Sharon Entress, John Erlenborn, Bill Gibb, Jill Horwitz , Deborah Malamud, Lynn Mather, Russell Mueller, Bill Nelson, Gail Radford, Steven Sass, Carol Sheriff, Norman Stein, Rob Steinfeld, Howard Young,Ed Zelinsky,and Julian Zelizer commented on one or more chapters. I also appreciate comments and suggestions I received when I presented earlier drafts of individual chapters at the Legal History Colloquium at New York University School of Law, the annual meeting of the Social Science HistoryAssociation,and FacultyWorkshops at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Marc Davies,Sharon Entress,Rich Filipink,Melissa Golen,and Christina Simanca-Proctor provided valuable research assistance.Sharon Entress also provided perceptive comments and suggestions on a number of chapters. xiv / Acknowledgments I also received a great deal of moral support and encouragement from a number...


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