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List of Tables ix Foreword by Daniel M. Fox and Dallas Salisbury xi Acknowledgments xiii introduction: “a minor miracle” 1 1. policy-making for private pensions: the genesis and structure of a policy domain 17 2. “the most glorious story of failure in the business”: the studebaker-packard corporation and the origins of erisa 51 3. “the ‘bible’ in this field”: the president’s committee on corporate pension funds and the origins of erisa 80 4. “a new legislative era in this country”: pension reform from blueprint to bill 116 5. “a major american institution . . . built upon human disappointment”: agenda-setting in the u.s. senate 151 6. a green light in the senate 190 7. a donnybrook in the house 217 8. enacting erisa 241 epilogue 271 Notes 287 Index 401 Contents This page intentionally left blank ...


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