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253 Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum. 1882–1954. An Jiesheng 安介生. “Qingdai Shanxi zhongshang fengshang yu jiexiao funü de chuxian” 清代山西重商風商與節孝婦女的出現 [The custom of emphasizing trade and the appearance of chaste women in Qing dynasty Shanxi]. Qingshi yanjiu 清史研究 1 (2001): 27–34. Annales de l’Oeuvre de la Sainte Enfance. 1846–1909. Apolito, Paolo. Apparitions of the Madonna at Oliveto Citra: Local Visions and Cosmic Drama. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998. Translated by William A. Christian, Jr. Archives de l’Oeuvre de la Propagation de la Foi, Oeuvres Pontificales Missionnaires Centre de Lyon (AOPF). Archives of the American Board of the Commissioners of Foreign Missions. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. Archives Vincent Lebbe. Société des Auxiliaires des Missions, Bruxelles. www. Archivio della Curia Generalizia dell’Ordine dei Frati Minori, Rome (ACGOFM). Archivio Provinciale, Provincia di Cristo Re, Frati Minori dell’Emilia Romagna, Bologna (OFM Bologna). Archivio Storico della Congregazione per l’Evangelizzazione dei Popoli o “de Propaganda Fide,” Rome (APF). Banquanshan shengmutang jianjie 阪泉山聖母堂簡 [Introduction to the Banquanshan church of Our Lady]. Taiyuan jiaoqu, 2000. Baum, Richard, and Frederick C. Teiwes. Ssu-ch’ing: The Socialist Education Movement of 1962–1966. Berkeley: Center for Chinese Studies, 1968. Bays, Daniel H. “Christianity and the Chinese Sectarian Tradition.” Ch’ing shih wen-t’i 4, no. 7 (1982): 33–55. Bibliography 9780520273115_PRINT.indd 253 9780520273115_PRINT.indd 253 27/04/13 3:46 PM 27/04/13 3:46 PM 254 | Bibliography Beijing daxue zhexuexi zongjiaoxue zhuanye 84 ji fu Shanxi sheng shehui diaocha zu 北京大學哲學系宗教學專業84級赴山西省社會調查組, editors. Shehui zhuyi chuji jieduan zongjiao zhuangkuang diaocha baogao xuanji 社會 主義初級階段宗教狀況調查報告選集 [Selections from the report of investigation on religion during the primary stage of socialism]. Beijing daxue zhexuexi Makesi zhuyi zongjiao jiaoxue jiaoyanshi, 1987. Benedict XVI. 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Dictionary of Ming Biography, 1368–1644. New York: Columbia University Press, 1976. Carroll, Michael P. “Religion, ‘Ricettizie,’ and the Immunity of Southern Italy to the Reformation.” Journal of the Scientific Study of Religion 31, no. 3 (1992): 247–60. ———. Veiled Threats: The Logic of Popular Catholicism in Italy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996. Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. “The Basic Viewpoint and Policy on the Religious Question during our Country’s Socialist Period, Doc9780520273115_PRINT .indd 254 9780520273115_PRINT.indd 254 27/04/13 3:46 PM 27/04/13 3:46 PM Bibliography | 255 ument 19 (March 31, 1982).” Chinese Law and Government 33, no. 2 (2000): 17–34. Cerasa, Nicola. Breve Storia della Missione di Taiyuan Shansi. Roma: Provincia Romana dei Frati Minori, 1998. ———. Gioioso Centenario: Biografia di Mons. Luca Domenico Capozi. Pofi: Umberto Capozi e Giuseppe Leonardi, 1999. Cestaro, Antonio. Le diocesi di Conza e di Campagna nell’età della restaurazione . Roma: Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 1971. Chadwick...


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