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Prologue sun the perfected one’s song of guarding life (sun zhenren weisheng ge) Between Heaven and Earth, Man is most precious, His head resembles Heaven, his feet resemble Earth. The best way to cherish the body your father and mother gave you, Is to diligently study this “Five Happiness Longevity” technique. To guard life (wei sheng) one must know the three things to avoid: Great anger, great desire, and great drunkenness. If of the three, one still lurks, You must be on guard against the harm it may do to your True Original Qi. If you desire long life, first abstain from sex. If the Fire does not appear, then the Spirit is naturally calm. Just as Wood that avoids Fire does not become ash, He who can abstain from sex can extend his life. To harbor unchecked desire exhausts Seminal Essence; Take care that you do not lose your Original Spirit, If you exhaust the Form and scatter your Qi, How then can you preserve your Body? If the Heart is greatly exerted, it becomes exhausted, If the Form is greatly exhausted, it becomes weak, If the Spirit is greatly injured, it becomes depleted, If the Qi is greatly harmed, it will be extinguished. For generations men have desired to know the Way of Guarding Life [wei sheng zhi dao]: Be happy often, rarely be angry, A sincere heart and righteous intentions will naturally make concerns disappear. xiii Act according to Principle [li], cultivate yourself [xiushen] and worries will depart. “Xu” in the spring will make your eyes bright, in the summer “ah” your Heart, In the autumn, “pi,” in the winter “cui,” and your Lung and Kidney will be tranquil, “Hu” throughout the four seasons so your Spleen will transform food, “Xi” your Triple Burner and its heat will be impossible to stop. As hair should be combed frequently, so should Qi be exercised, Knock your teeth several times, and swallow your saliva. If you wish for a long life, cultivate Kunlun, Frequently rub your face with your two hands. In the Spring months it is best to avoid Sour and eat more Sweet, In the Winter months it is best to eat Bitter and avoid Salty, In the Summer increase Pungent and reduce Bitter, In the Autumn you can reduce Pungent but increase Sour. If according to season you reduce Salty and avoid Sweet, The Five Viscera will naturally remain trouble-free. If you are able to reduce all the Flavors then you will be healthy If the Flavors tend to excess, then it is difficult to not have illness. . . . We can not control the tangled obligations of love and benevolence, In the midst of striving for fame and profit, make part of your time for rest. Be generous with your children and your home will naturally be happy, and you can avoid turning prematurely gray in middle age. It is not easy to exist with our heads touching Heaven, our feet firmly planted on Earth: Even if we have enough to eat and warm clothes to wear, we are unable to keep a peaceful conscience. Don’t worry about repaying the vast benevolence you have received, Don’t burn incense morning and night out of feelings of guilt. What is the way to achieve health, longevity, and happiness? Pacify your heart, accumulate good works, Cherish life, cherish the body, cherish Qi, And learn by heart this Song of Guarding Life.1 xiv / Prologue ...


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