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Contents Acknowledgments ix Note on Transliteration and Orthography xv Map of Southeastern Ghana xvii introduction . Cultural Construction of Sensoriums and Sensibilities 1. Is There a Sixth Sense? 3 2. Anlo-Land and Anlo-Ewe People 21 part one . Conceptualizing Sensory Orientations in Anlo-Land 3. Language and Sensory Orientations 37 part two . Moral Embodiment and Sensory Socialization 4. Kinesthesia and the Development of Moral Sensibilities 73 5. Sensory Symbolism in Birth and Infant Care Practices 85 part three . Person and Identity 6. Toward an Understanding of Anlo Forms of Being-in-the-World 111 7. Personhood and Ritual Reinforcement of Balance 144 part four . Health, Strength, and Sensory Dimensions of Well-Being 8. Anlo Cosmology, the Senses, and Practices of Protection 169 9. Well-Being, Strength, and Health in Anlo Worlds 201 conclusion . Ethnography and the Study of Cultural Difference 10. Sensory Experience and Cultural Identity 227 Notes 251 Glossary 281 Bibliography 285 Index 309 Illustrations follow page 84 ...