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56 Daughter One day you will find yourself on the sharpest edge of yourself. If you’re lucky someone will answer the phone and say it’s for you and you’ll come inside. The voice is an open refuge. Forgiveness is a tower of hands. Once when I was young I walked through a clock then under a bridge and my whole life was lit by a Camel cigarette. I met a man who was not your father but he played the jazz piano so we fell into it and let it reign. Of course love is kind. But sometimes a person must pursue a plague that could do some justice to the storm within. You’ll see. You will be thirsty too. You will stop believing in September. You will suddenly become aware of the fact of your heart only when a part of it 57 goes missing. Well don’t believe what they tell you. No one likes change. One day you will find yourself resisting your own waking. Try tending to the sacred and see where that gets you. Try rolling through your life like a rusted train through a stockyard nation. Nothing fills a cup like moonlight. Nothing. No one will twist you like a man will twist you, but that’s the deal. That’s how books get written. But don’t believe what I’ve told you. Convince yourself. Then burn the sage and claw your way through every oak on the rotting mountain. ...


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