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54 Alma, 1942 To board the train without suspicion I told the man I was Chinese can you believe it? You never have to lie to survive, now do you? So what will you do with your curious pen and your questions like daggers slicing through the ripe heat of the merciless summer, tearing the grapes from the vine till they drop like a satchel of dead knuckles on dead earth? To begin they gave us one army blanket and one army cot, no doors on the bathroom stalls and no stoves for heat only mouthfuls of dust and the sight of a mountain in the barbed distance where the wind waited like a tired sniper. 55 Denying what you love is like sanding your heart with a pumice stone and the stone is on fire and there is No Speaking Allowed Please and No Singing. You’ll see it for yourself when you go there roving with your questions for the barracks like a hungry ghost. ...


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