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Contents I. Ruined Cities First Incarnation 19 Tuesday, 2 A.M. 20 Trembling on the Brink of a Mesquite Tree 22 City In Which I Love 24 Leaving New York 26 A Photograph is An Argument 27 The Palace of Contemplating Departure 28 The Exile 30 The Messenger 32 Cambria, Late Spring 33 Avignon, Early Summer 34 Winter in Denmark 36 Moonlight Over the Valley, Late October 38 II. Women and Children Cottonwood [Mother] 41 Climbing Bare Rock [First Daughter] 42 Upright Against the Redwood [Second Daughter] 43 Running, River [First Daughter] 44 Asleep in the Mapou [Son] 45 Indrawn Seas [Mother, Departing] 46 III. Shape of Fire Second Incarnation 49 Mercy Me 50 The Gathering Mind 51 Alma, 1942 54 Daughter 56 Shape of Fire 58 California Heartland 59 Waiting 60 Prayer For The One Who Could Not Stop Looking 62 Present In All Things 64 Tree of Life 66 Spring, San Francisco 67 Summer, San Buenaventura 68 Winter, Ithaca 69 Autumn in the Garden With Her Ghost 71 IV. Steel and Light Prologue 75 [Moonlight] 76 [Gun] 78 [Knife] 79 [Star] 80 [Tracks] 82 [First Daylight] 83 Coda: Deep in the Cloud-filled Valley 84 Notes 85 This page intentionally left blank. The Palace of Contemplating Departure This page intentionally left blank. ...


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