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41 Electromagnetic Compatibility I am the conduit of all transmission. The basebands of noise radiate from my skull. I hear the faint buzz when I bend a knee all the way to one hundred and eight megahertz. My right hand taps the cool rhythm of amplitude modulations; between the joints of my smallest toes, a call-in talk show pushes along my connective tissues. Top-forty hits in mono and stereo bisect my stomach, love handles jiggling the fifty-two stories from local news breaks, three weather reports, and a sponsorship message from Lucky Charms. Their delicious magic pulses, circumnavigates my navel. A teleconference connected through my veins’ satellite rattles the back of my neck. I shimmy shoulders, show my displeasure when I tire of rasp in a haggler’s voice, cast a web of white noise through my spine. When I’m through with public broadcast pledge drives, 42 I listen for the red giants’ white signal, static issued from billions of years of brilliance from the center of the molecular bang. All of it vibrating, all of it humming in bones. ...

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