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Foreword by Kathryn Born—xiii The Way We Were by Janet Koplos—3 I DEREK GUTHRIE and JANE ALLEN F O U N D I N G E ditor S Introduction by Derek Guthrie—7 F rank P annier A Painter Reviews Chicago, Part I Summer 1974—15 F rank P annie R A Painter Reviews Chicago, Part II November 1974—19 J ane A llen and D erek G uthrie The Tradition February 1975—24 M i c hael R a b ige R Letter to Aspiring Filmmakers March 1976—35 P eter S c hjeldahl Dear Profession of Art Writing June 1977—40 CONTENTS viii   Contents J oshua K ind The Flavin File June 1977—49 K eith M orrison Art Criticism—A Pan-African Point of View February 1979—54 L y nne W arre N N.A.M.E. at Six—Re-defining the Role of Alternative Spaces June 1979—71 E d P as c hke Speakeasy February 1982—79 A li c e T horson Young Chicagoans Prefer Engagement to Avant-Gardism May 1982—81 II Ann LEE Morgan E ditor The New Art Examiner Three Decades Ago—A Memoir by Ann Lee Morgan—91 Carol E H armel The Word vs. the Image—Some Thoughts on Reading Photography December 1979—97 J anet K oplos Reflection on Glass Summer 1980—103 M i c hael S tarenko A Reader’s Guide to Structuralist Criticism February 1981—111 Contents   ix D onna and S tephen T oulmin Harris Bank Facelift Raises Legal Questions October 1981—121 J ane A llen The (Declining) Power of Review November 1981—126 III JAMES YOOD E ditor Introduction by James Yood—135 J oanna F rueh Explicit—Towards a Feminist Theory of Art Criticism January 1985—139 A li c e T horson and J ames Yood Who Follows the Hairy Who? March 1985—147 P eter S c hjeldahl ‘Chicagoization’—Some Second Thoughts on the Second City May 1985—155 H ilton K ramer Art Scene of the ’80s October 1985—165 Connie S amaras Sponsorship or Censorship November 1985—176 T he G uerrilla G irls Speakeasy March 1986—191 D onald K uspit The ‘Madness’ of Chicago Art May 1986—194 x   Contents IV ANN WIENS E ditor Introduction by Ann Wiens—202 A nn W iens On View—Chicago May 1993—207 S teve H ohen b oken Comfort Cut on the (Gender) Bias—Out of the (Linen) Closet September 1993—213 H am z a W alker Public Domain—Frank Stella, The Town-Ho’s Story January 1994—217 S teven C . D u b in Art’s Demise—Censors to the Right of Me, Censors to the Left of Me March 1994—221 H am z a W alker Please Pay Attention Please January 1995—232 M ar í a J os é Barandiar á n …In a Place Like This?—What’s a Contemporary Art Show Like ‘About Place—Recent Art of the Americas’ Doing at the Art Institute of Chicago? September 1995—235 J eff H ue b ner Bigger, Better, Faster, More?—Chicago’s New and Improved MCA May 1996—243 S arah V owell On View—Chicago May 1996—255 Contents   xi V JAN ESTEP E ditor A Day in the Life—Editing and Writing for the New Art Examiner by Jan Estep—259 H enr y A . G irou X Heroin Chic, Trendy Aesthetics, and the Politics of Pathology November 1997—265 D onald K uspit Art Is Dead—Long Live Aesthetic Management April 1999—280 J an E step Ha Ha Ha—Ray’s a Laugh September 1999—292 M i c helle G ra b ne R Test Family—Children in Contemporary Art October 1999—299 D an S . W ang Kerry James Marshall—Agent of Change February 2001—308 D avid R o b b ins Notes on a Midwest Makeover May/June 2001—314 Biographies—325 Acknowledgments—337 ...


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