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Contents Preface Brett L. Walker xi Writing Japan at Nature’s Edge: The Promises and Perils of Environmental History Ian Jared Miller 1 Part I: Oceans and Empires 1 The Pelagic Empire: Reconsidering Japanese Expansion William M. Tsutsui 21 2 From Meat to Machine Oil: The Nineteenth-Century Development of Whaling in Wakayama Jakobina Arch 39 3 Fisheries Build Up the Nation: Maritime Environ‑ mental Encounters between Japan and China Micah Muscolino 56 Part II: Changing Landscapes 4 Talking Sulfur Dioxide: Air Pollution and the Politics of Science in Late Meiji Japan Takehiro Watanabe 73 5 Constructing Nature Philip C. Brown 90 6 Toroku: Mountain Dreams, Chemical Nightmares Timothy S. George 115 Part III: Between Bodies 7 Fecal Matters: Prolegomenon to a History of Shit in Japan David L. Howell 137 Contents x 8 Weathering Fuji: Marriage, Meteorology, and the Meiji Bodyscape Andrew Bernstein 152 9 Animal Histories: Stranger in a Tokyo Canal Christine L. Marran 175 Part IV: Vistas and Vantage Points 10 Inventorying Nature: Tokugawa Yoshimune and the Sponsorship of Honzōgaku in Eighteenth-Century Japan Federico Marcon 189 11 Japanese Literature and Environmental Crises Karen Thornber 207 12 Japanese Environmental Policy: Lessons from Experience and Remaining Problems Ken’ichi Miyamoto 222 Part V: The Triple Disaster of 3/11 13 An Envirotechnical Disaster: Negotiating Nature, Technology, and Politics at Fukushima Sara B. Pritchard 255 14 Postcrisis Japanese Nuclear Policy: From Topdown Directives to Bottom-up Activism Daniel P. Aldrich 280 15 Using Japan to Think Globally: The Natural Subject of History and Its Hopes Julia Adeney Thomas 293 List of Contributors 311 Index 315 ...


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