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CONTENTS Acknowledgments, xi INTRODUCTION / The Scars of Memory, 1 1 / Editing and the Art of Forgetfulness in Social Science, 14 2 / Memory and Racial Humiliation in Popular Literature, 40 3 / The Black Body as Archive of Memory, 67 4 / Black Scholars and Memory in the Age of Black Studies, 102 5 / The Silences in a Civil Rights Narrative, 135 6 / Heritage Tourism, Museums of Horror, and the Commerce of Memory, 174 EPILOGUE / Memory in the Diaspora, 214 Notes, 231 Bibliography, 251 Index, 269 This page intentionally left blank ILLUSTRATIONS Cartoon editorial, Gunnar Myrdal and An American Dilemma, 24 Kay and Wendell Holloway, newly married, 29 At the net, Lester Granger and William Trent Jr., 65 “I Been ’Buked,” Revelations, 80 Trying to bathe the black away, Watermelon Man, 100 Lott Drive, Montgomery, Alabama, 139 The neighborhood kids in Montgomery, 144 Kay Holloway, my mother, 144 Lt. Col. Wendell Holloway, my father, 147 Vi Trent, my maternal grandmother, 155 Jannifer Scales, Brian Holloway, and Pam Pryor at the Scales family reunion, 159 John Holloway, my paternal grandfather, 167 Fannie Holloway, my paternal grandmother, 167 My Colonial Williamsburg stockade keepsake photograph, 195 Slave cabins, Evergreen Plantation, 205 Kitchen collectibles, Evergreen Plantation, 207 Tomb of the Unknown Slave, Tremé, New Orleans, 211 Fishing village, Cape Coast, Ghana, 223 This page intentionally left blank ...


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