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Figure 1. Map of Qing period Guangzhou. From Qiu Juchuan 仇巨川, Yangcheng guchao 羊城古鈔. I have added the characters for the Southern Garden on the approximate historical site, indicated by an asterisk marked below the Wenming Gate 文明門. The garden was two li south of this gate. Figure 2. Yuexiu Hill, site of the Terrace of the King of Yue, with the Tower for Quelling the Sea in the background. Figure 3. Tower for Quelling the Sea Figure 4. Qu Dajun Figure 5. Liang Peilan Figure 6. Sun Fen Figure 7. Chen Zizhuang Figure 8. Painting of Zhang Erqiao by Rui Jinlai 瑞金賴, who copied an anonymous original. Figure 9. Sea of Learning Academy (Xuehai tang), on the site of the Southern Garden, painted by Huang Peifang 黃培芳 (1779–1859). Figure 10. Zhang Weiping Figure 11. Chen Li Figure 12. Qiu Fengjia ...