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Contents Acknowledgments ix Abbreviations xi Introduction 1 Chapter 1 Ricoeur on Husserl and Freud: From a Perceptual to a Reflective Present 13 Ricoeur Reading Husserl: The Thick Present and Continuity 14 Freud’s Quantitative Hypothesis and Unconscious Autonomy 25 From a Perceptual to a Reflective Present 31 Chapter 2 Derrida and Rhythmic Discontinuity 43 Husserl’s Aporia: Discontinuity and Repetition 44 The Necessary Possibility of Difference and Syncopated Temporality 52 Freud: Permeability and Impermeability, Life and Death 58 First Inscription and Nachträglichkeit 67 Scriptural Metaphorics 73 Chapter 3 Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics of the Self 83 The Singularity of the Speaking Subject 84 Idem and Ipse: From Narrative Identity to the Ethical Self 91 Benevolent Selfhood 97 Oneself as Another 103 Concluding Remarks 111 Chapter 4 Secret Singularities 119 Spacing, Iterability, Signatures 120 Secrets of Speech 130 Originary Mourning: In Memory of the Absolutely Other 138 An Unexperienced Experience: The Absolute Arrivant 144 Expropriation 155 33577 SP_PIR_FM_00i-xii.indd vii 33577 SP_PIR_FM_00i-xii.indd vii 1/20/10 3:35:25 PM 1/20/10 3:35:25 PM viii Contents Conclusion 161 Appendix: “The Word: Giving, Naming, Calling,” by Jacques Derrida 167 Notes 177 Bibliography 207 Index 219 33577 SP_PIR_FM_00i-xii.indd viii 33577 SP_PIR_FM_00i-xii.indd viii 1/20/10 3:35:25 PM 1/20/10 3:35:25 PM ...


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