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C O N C L U S I O N c h a p t e r 142 After a brief pause, Trypho continued, “You see that it was not by any deliberate design that we began the discussion of these matters, but I confess that I have derived great pleasure from our association, and I think that they too are of a similar disposition. We have heard more than we expected and beyond what could be expected. If we could meet more frequently and continue our study of the Scriptures, we certainly would profit even more by it. But, since you are about to leave the city, and expect to set sail any day now, do not hesitate to remember us as friends when you depart.”1 2. “As regards myself,” I replied, “if I had stayed here, I would have liked to continue this discussion every day. But, since I expect to embark at once, with God’s will and help, I beg of you to put your every effort into this great struggle for your own salvation, and to embrace the Christ of almighty God in preference to your teachers.” 3. After this they left me, wishing me a safe voyage and deliverance from every disaster. And I in turn prayed for them, saying , “I can wish you no greater blessing than this, gentlemen, that, realizing that wisdom is given to every man through this way,2 you also may one day come to believe entirely as we do that Jesus is the Christ of God.” 1. See Marcovich, 5: “The sea-trip is a convenient subterfuge.” See also Skarsaune, 213. 2. I.e., the Christian way of life. 212 ...


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