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T H E U N I T Y O F G O D A N D T H E D I V I N I T Y O F C H R I S T : R E P R I S E c h a p t e r 128 “I have shown in many previous statements that Christ is the Lord, and God the Son, that in times gone by he appeared by his power as man and angel, and in the glory of fire as in the bush, and that he was present to execute the judgment against Sodom.” Then I repeated all that I had already quoted from Exodus concerning the vision in the bush, and the imposition of the name Jesus [Joshua], and continued, [2.] “Do not consider, you people, that I am verbose or repetitious in my explanations . My remarks are rather lengthy because I know that some of you want to forestall them, and to declare that the power which was sent from the Father of all and appeared to Moses, or Abraham, or Jacob, was called Angel because he came to men (since by that power the Father’s messages are communicated to men); is called Glory, because he sometimes appears in visions that cannot be contained; is called a Man and a Human being , because he appears arrayed in such forms as please the Father ; and they call him Word, because he reveals to men the discourses of the Father. 3. “But some1 teach that this power is indivisible and inseparable from the Father, just as the light of the sun on earth is indivisible and inseparable from the sun in the skies; for, when 193 1. Perhaps some Jews, like Philo, or some Christians, like the Monarchians (e.g., Noetus, Praxeas, Paul of Samosata). See R. M. Price, “Hellenization and Logos Doctrine in Justin Martyr,” VigChr 42 (1988): 18–23. the sun sets, its light disappears from the earth. So, they claim, the Father by his will can cause his power to go forth and, whenever he wishes, to return again. In this manner, they declare , God also made the angels. 4. “But it has been demonstrated that the angels always exist and are not reduced again into that from which they were created .2 It has also been shown at length that this power which the prophetic Word also calls God and Angel not only is numbered as different by its name (as is the light of the sun), but is something distinct in real number. I have already briefly discussed , when I stated that this power was generated from the Father, by his power and will, but not by abscission, as if the substance of the Father were divided; as all other things, once they are divided and severed, are not the same as they were before the division. To illustrate this point, I cited the example of fires kindled from a fire; the enkindled fires are indeed distinct from the original fire which, though it ignites many other fires, still remains the same undiminished fire. c h a p t e r 129 “And now, to prove this point, I will repeat some of the Scriptural passages I have already quoted. When the prophetic Word says, The Lord rained fire from the Lord out of heaven,3 it indicates that they are two in number: one on earth, who says that he came down to witness the cry of Sodom, and one in heaven, who is Lord of the Lord on earth and as his Father and God was responsible for his being the mighty one and Lord and God. 2. “And again, when the Word states that in the beginning God said, Behold Adam has become as one of us,4 the phrase, as one of us, is in itself indicative of number but the words cannot be interpreted in a metaphorical sense, as the sophists attempt to explain them, who can neither know nor speak the truth. 3. “And in the Book of Wisdom it says, If I should tell you the 194 st. justin martyr 2. Otto thinks that Justin may be referring to Dial. 85.6. 3. Gn 19.24. Quoted at Dial. 56.23, 60.5, and 127.5. See Skarsaune, 208, 209. 4. Gn 3.22. Quoted at Dial. 62.3. See R. M. Grant, Greek Apologists of the Second Century (Philadelphia, Pa.: Westminster Press, 1988), 61 and 215 n 36: “Verbally...


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