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T H E N A M E S O F C H R I S T I N S C R I P T U R E c h a p t e r 126 “But, Trypho,” I continued, “if you had known who he is who at one time is called angel of great counsel,1 and Man by Ezekiel,2 and the Son of Man by Daniel,3 and a child by Isaiah,4 and Christ and God [and] who is to be adored by David,5 and Christ and Stone by many prophets,6 and Wisdom by Solomon and Joseph and Judah ,7 and a Star by Moses,8 and Dawn by Zechariah,9 and the Suffering One and Jacob and Israel again by Isaiah,10 and a Rod and Flower and Cornerstone and Son of God11 you would not have blasphemed him who has come, and assumed human nature, and suffered, and ascended into heaven. And he shall return again, and then your twelve tribes will weep.12 2. “Indeed, if you had understood the words spoken by the prophets, you would not deny that he is God, Son of the one, unbegotten, ineffable God. For, in Exodus, Moses said, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: I am the Lord, and I appeared to Abra189 1. Is 9.6 (5). 2. Ezek 1.5. 3. Dn 7.13. 4. Is 9.6; on which see J. T. Brothers, “The interpretation of pai'" qeou' in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho,” SP IX (= TU 101; 1966), 127–38. 5. Ps 44 (45).8. 6. Dn 2.34; Is 28.16. 7. Prv 8.22; “and Joseph”: Dt 33.13–17; “and Judah”: Gn 49.8–12. 8. Nm 24.17. On the Star see Daniélou, 214–24. 9. Zec 3.8; 6.12. 10. Is 53.8; 42.1. 11. Rod and Flower: Is 11.1; Cornerstone: Is 28.16; Son of God: see Is 9.5. 12. Zec 12.12. ham, Isaac, and Jacob, being their God, and my name I did not make known to them, and I made my covenant with them.13 3. “And again when he says, A man wrestled with Jacob,14 he asserts that the man was God, for he declares that Jacob said, I have seen God face to face, and my life is saved.15 And Moses also testifies that Jacob called the place where God appeared to him, wrestled with him, and blessed him, the Face of God.16 4. “Moses also declares that God appeared to Abraham near the oak tree of Mamre, as he sat at the entrance of his tent at noon. Then he continues, And when he had lifted up his eyes, there appeared to him three men standing near him; and as soon as he saw them he ran to meet them.17 And shortly afterwards, one of the three promises a son to Abraham: Why did Sarah laugh, saying: Shall I who am an old woman bear a child indeed? Is there anything impossible with God? At the appointed time I shall return and Sarah shall have a son. And they left Abraham.18 And so again, he speaks thus concerning these men: 5. “And the men rose up from there and turned their eyes toward Sodom.19 Then he who was, and is, spoke to Abraham these words: I will not hide from Abraham what I am about to do.” 20 Then I repeated the words of Moses which followed and which I had previously explained. “From these passages,” I went on, “it has been proved conclusively that he who appeared to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the other patriarchs, was appointed by the Father and Lord, and administers to his will, and is called God.” 6. Then, I added what I had not said in my previous remarks: “So, too, when the people desired to eat meat, and Moses had no faith in the one who is there called an angel, when he promised that God would give them all the meat they could eat,21 he himself, being God and angel sent by the Father, is shown to 190 st. justin martyr 13. See Ex 6.2–4; Daniélou, 132, 276–78; V. Taylor (cited above, Dial. 100.4 n 18). 14. See Gn 32.25. 15. See Gn 32.31. 16. See Gn 32.30. 17. See Gn 18.1–2. 18. See Gn 18...


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