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R E P R I S E O F P O I N T S F R O M T H E F I R S T D AY c h a p t e r 110 When I had concluded this quotation, I added, “Gentlemen, I am aware that your teachers admit that this whole pericope refers to Christ; I also know that they affirm that Christ has not yet come. But they say that even if he has come, it is not known who he is, until he shall become manifest and glorious; then, they say, he shall be known. 2. “They further state, everything foretold in the above-quoted pericope will be verified, as if not a word of the prophecy had yet been fulfilled. What irrational beings!1 For they have missed the point of all the cited passages, namely, that two comings of Christ have been proclaimed: the first, in which he is shown to be subject to suffering and the crucifixion, without glory or honor; and the second, in which he will come from the heavens in glory,2 when the man of apostasy who utters extraordinary things against the Most High,3 will boldly attempt to perpetrate unlawful deeds on earth against us Christians. For we Christians, who have gained knowledge of the true worship of God from the Law and from the Word which went forth from Jerusalem4 by way of the apostles of Jesus, have run for protection to the God of Jacob and the God of Israel. 164 1. On such abusive outbursts see T. Rajak (cited in new Introduction, n 9), 71: “In general terms, we might sum up the Trypho as a defence of the Christian religion organized around an extended engagement with Judaism, an engagement which takes the dual and inevitable forms of appropriation and assault.” 2. See Dn 7.13–14; Is 33.17. 3. See 2 Thes 2.3; Dn 11.36; and Dial. 33. 4. See Mi 4.2. 3. “And we who delighted in war, in the slaughter of one another , and in every other kind of iniquity, have in every part of the world converted our weapons of war into implements of peace—our swords into ploughshares, our spears into farmers’ implements5 —and we cultivate piety, justice, brotherly charity, faith, and hope, which we derive from the Father through the crucified Savior; each one of us sitting under his vine,6 that is, each one living with only his own wife. For, as you know, a prophetic writing says, His wife shall be as a fruitful vine.7 4. “Now it is obvious that no one can frighten or subdue us who believe in Jesus throughout the whole world. Although we are beheaded and crucified, and exposed to wild beasts, and chains, and flames, and every other means of torture, it is evident that we will not retract our profession of faith; the more we are persecuted, the more do others in ever-increasing numbers embrace the faith and become worshippers of God through the name of Jesus.8 Just as when one cuts off the fruit-bearing branches of the vine, it grows again and other blossoming and fruitful branches spring forth, so it is with us Christians. For the vine planted by God and Christ the Redeemer is his people. 5. “But the rest of the prophecy will be fulfilled at his second coming. For the words, her that is afflicted and cast out 9 (that is, from the world), indicate that, whenever you and all other men have the power, you cast out every Christian, not only from his own property but even from the whole world, for you allow no Christian to live. 6. “You object that this same fate has befallen your people. But, since you have been cast out after defeat in battle, such sufferings are your just deserts, as all the Scriptures testify. We, on the contrary, who are guilty of no such crime after we knew the divine truth, are assured by God that we are to be taken from the earth together with the most just and immaculate and sinless Christ. Indeed, Isaiah exclaims, Behold how the just perishes, Reprise of points from the first day 165 5. See Mi 4.3. 6. See Mi 4.2. 7. Ps 127 (128).3. 8. See Tertullian, Apol. 50.13: Semen est sanguis Christianorum, “The blood of Christians is seed.” 9. Mi 4.6. See...


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