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H O W C H R I S T I A N S R E A D P S A L M 2 2 c h a p t e r 97 “Besides, the fact that the prophet Moses remained until evening in the form of the cross, when his hands were held up by Aaron and Hur, did not happen without purpose. For the Lord also remained upon the cross almost until evening, and they buried him toward evening.1 Then he arose from the dead on the third day, as David foretold when he said: I have cried to the Lord with my voice, and he has heard me from his holy hill. I have slept and have taken my rest; and I have risen up, because the Lord has sustained me.2 2. “Isaiah likewise foretold the manner of his death in these words: I have stretched out my hands to an unbelieving and contradicting people, who walk in a way that is not good.3 And the same Isaiah also predicted his resurrection: His burial has been taken out of the midst,4 and, I will give the rich for his death.5 3. “And again, David, in his Twenty-first Psalm, refers to his passion on the cross in mystical parable: They have pierced my hands and feet. They have numbered all my bones. And they have looked on and stared upon me. They have divided my garments amongst themselves, and for my vesture they cast lots.6 For, when they 148 1. See Ex 17.12; Mt 27.57. 2. Ps 3.5–6. See Skarsaune, 80–82. 3. Is 65.2. See Skarsaune, 64–65: “a non-LXX testimony text.” 4. Is 57.2. This citation is based on the LXX: see Skarsaune, 80. 5. Is 53.9. 6. Ps 21 (22).17–19. See Skarsaune, 80–81; N. Koltun-Fromm, “Psalm 22’s Christological Interpretive Tradition in Light of Christian Anti-Jewish Polemic,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 6.1 (1998): 37–57. For A. Rudolf, “Denn wir sind nailed him to the cross they did indeed pierce his hands and feet, and they who crucified him divided his garments among themselves, each casting lots for the garment he chose.7 4. “You are indeed blind when you deny that the above-quoted psalm was spoken of Christ, for you fail to see that no one among your people who was ever called King ever had his hands and feet pierced while alive, and died by this mystery, that is, of the crucifixion), except this Jesus alone. c h a p t e r 98 “I would like to quote the whole psalm, that you may hear how he reveres his Father and how he refers all things to him, as when he prays to be freed by him from this death; at the same time pointing out in the psalm what sort of men his enemies were, and proving that he indeed became a man who was capable of suffering. 2. “The psalm is as follows: O God, my God, look upon me, why have you forsaken me? Far from my salvation are the words of my sins. O my God, I shall cry by day, and you will not hear, and by night, and it is not for want of understanding in me. But you dwell in a holy place, you glory of Israel. In you have our fathers hoped; they have hoped and you have delivered them. They cried to you, and they were saved; they trusted in you and were not put to shame. 3. “But I am a worm, and not a man; the reproach of men, and the outcast of the people. All they who saw me have laughed me to scorn; they have spoken with the lips, and wagged the head: ‘He hoped in the Lord, let him deliver him; let him save him, seeing he desires him.’ For you are he who has drawn me out of the womb; my hope from my mother ’s breasts. I was committed to you from the womb. From my mother’s womb you are my God. Stand not aloof from me, for affliction is near; for there is none to help me. 4. “Many calves have encircled me; fat bulls have surrounded me. They have opened their mouths against me as a ravening and roaring lion. All my bones are poured out and scattered like water. My...


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