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T H O S E W H O L I V E B Y T H E L AW O F M O S E S c h a p t e r 45 Trypho then interjected, “Although you insist that your arguments must be lined up in the order predetermined by yourself , permit me to interrupt you at this point to ask a very urgent question.” “Ask me,” I replied, “whatever you please. Then, after such questions and answers have been disposed of, I will resume my discussion and try to complete it.” 2. “Then tell me,” he went on, “whether or not those who have regulated their lives according to the Mosaic Law shall live again together with Jacob, Enoch, and Noah in the resurrection of the dead?” 3. “My good man,” I answered, “when I quoted Ezekiel to the effect that, Although Noah, Daniel, and Jacob should make entreaty for their sons and daughters, it will not be granted them, but each one should be saved by his own virtue,1 I also stated that those who obeyed the Mosaic Law would likewise be saved. They who are obliged to obey the Law of Moses will find in it not only precepts that were occasioned by the hardness of your people’s hearts, but also those that in themselves are good, holy, and just. 4. “Since they who did those things that are universally, naturally , and eternally good are pleasing to God, they shall be saved in the resurrection, together with their righteous forefa68 1. Ezek 14.20, 18, 14. thers, Noah, Enoch, Jacob, and others, together with those who believe in Christ, the Son of God, who existed before the morning star and the moon,2 yet deigned to become Incarnate, and be born of this virgin of the family of David, in order that by this dispensation he might conquer the serpent, that first sinner, and the angels who followed his example,3 and that he might thwart death and bring it to an end, so that, at the second coming of Christ, it would no longer have any power over those who believe in him and live according to his principles. Then, some will be sent to the judgment and sentence of fire, to be punished eternally , while others will dwell with [God] free from suffering, corruption , sorrow, and death.” c h a p t e r 46 “But,” inquired Trypho, “if some even now desire to live in observance of the precepts of the Mosaic Law, and yet believe that the crucified Jesus is the Christ of God and that to him it has been given to judge without exception all men, and that his kingdom is eternal, could they also be saved?” 2. “Let us examine this together,” I replied, “and see whether anyone is able now to observe all of the Mosaic precepts.” “No,” he answered, “for we recognize, as you said, that it is impossible to sacrifice the paschal lamb anywhere else, or to offer the goats required for the fast, or to present all the other oblations.’ “Then tell me yourself,” I begged, “some of the commandments which can be observed. Then you could be convinced that, though a man has not practiced or observed your socalled eternal precepts, he can quite certainly be saved.” “We can keep holy the Sabbath,” answered Trypho, “be circumcised , observe the months, and wash ourselves after touching something forbidden by Moses or after sexual relations.” 3. “Then,” I asked, “do you think that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Job, and all the others before or after them who also were good people, like Sarah the wife of Abraham, Rebecca the wife of Isaac, Rachel, the wife of Jacob, Leah, and the other Those who live by the Law of Moses 69 2. See Ps 109 (110).3. 3. Rv 12.9; 1 Jn 3.8. women like them, down to the time of the mother of Moses the faithful servant—all of whom did not observe these laws, will be saved?” Trypho replied, “Were not Abraham and his posterity circumcised ?” 4. “I know,” I agreed, “that Abraham and his posterity were circumcised. But I have already stated at great length why circumcision was enjoined upon them. If what I have said has not embarrassed you, let us examine the matter again. You know well that not one of those just men who lived before the time of Moses observed, or was ordered to observe...


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