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S C R I P T U R A L T Y P E S O F J E S U S c h a p t e r 43 “As circumcision, then, originated with Abraham, and the Sabbath, sacrifices, oblations, and festivals with Moses (and it has already been shown that your people were commanded to observe these things because of their hardness of heart), so it was expedient that, in accordance with the will of the Father, these things should have their end in him who was born of the Virgin, of the race of Abraham and the tribe of Judah, and of the family of David: namely, in Christ, the Son of God, who was proclaimed as the future Eternal Law and new covenant for the whole world (as the above-quoted prophecies clearly show).1 2. “We, indeed, who have come to God through Jesus Christ, have received, not a physical, but a spiritual, circumcision, as did Enoch and those like him. Through God’s mercy we received this by means of baptism, since we had become sinners, and all men should likewise receive it. 3. “But the topic to which we must now direct our attention is the mystery of the birth of Christ. Isaiah already stated that man cannot describe it, when he exclaimed, Who shall declare his generation? Because his life is cut off from the earth; for the wickedness of my people he was led to death.2 The prophetic Spirit thus declared that the birth of him who was to die in order to save us sinners by his stripes was inexpressible.3 65 1. See Is 2.3; 51.9; 55.3; Jer 38 (31).31; Mi 4.2. 2. Is 53.8. 3. See Is 53.5. 4. “Furthermore, the same prophetic Spirit, through the same Isaiah, informed the faithful how Christ was to be born and how he was to come into this world. 5. The words of the prophecy are: “And the Lord spoke to Ahaz, saying: Ask a sign for yourself from the Lord your God, be it deep, or lofty. And Ahaz said: I will not ask, and I will not tempt the Lord. “And Isaiah said: Listen, therefore, house of David; Is it a small thing for you to contend with men, must you also contend with God? Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Immanuel. 6. “He shall eat butter and honey by the time he knows to reject the evil, and to choose the good. For before the child shall know good or evil, he refuses evil to choose the good. For before the child knows how to call father or mother, he shall receive the power of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria in the presence of the king of Assyria. And the land shall be forsaken, which you shall hardly endure on account of the presence of the two kings. But God shall bring upon you, and upon your people, and upon the house of your father, days that have not yet come upon you, since the day that he took away Ephraim from Judah—the king of the Assyrians.” 4 7. “Now, it is clear to all that no one of the race of Abraham was ever born, or even said to be born, of a virgin except our Christ. 8. “But, since you and your teachers venture to assert that the real words of Isaiah are not Behold, a virgin shall conceive, but Behold, a young woman shall conceive, and bear a son; and since you refer this prophecy to your king Hezekiah, I will attempt to answer you and show that this prophecy applies to him whom we profess as our Christ. c h a p t e r 44 “So, I will be absolutely without blame in my obligations to you, if I endeavor to convince you with every possible proof. But, if you persist in your hardness of heart and feebleness of mind, or if you refuse to agree to the truth through fear of the 66 st. justin martyr 4. Is 7.10–17; 8.4. The Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom, Israel, is described in 2 Kgs 15.29; 17.3–6, 21–24. death which is set apart for every Christian,5 you will have only yourselves to blame. And you are sadly mistaken...


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