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Contents Abbreviations vii Introduction: Neoliberalism and the Philippine Labor Brokerage State ix 1. The Emergence of Labor Brokerage: U.S. Colonial Legacies in the Philippines 1 2. A Global Enterprise of Labor: Mobilizing Migrants for Export 19 3. Able Minds, Able Hands: Marketing Philippine Workers 50 4. New National Heroes: Patriotism and Citizenship Reconfigured 75 5. The Philippine Domestic: Gendered Labor, Family, and the Nation-State 93 6. Migrant Workers’ Rights? Regulating Remittances and Repatriation 116 Conclusion: The Globalization of the Labor Brokerage State 141 Acknowledgments 156 Appendix: Mapping an Ethnography of the State 159 Notes 167 Index 185 This page intentionally left blank ...


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