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Acknowledgments I am deeply grateful to the following people, and many more besides, who generously gave their time and expertise to help bring this book to fruition: Tom Kellam, hospitable former senior archivist at the Fort Worth Public Library, who gave me access to the Lillian B. Horace Papers; Sarah Walker, president of the Tarrant County Black Genealogical and Historical Society, who supported this project from its inception ; students and faculty at Texas Southern University and Oberlin College, who through questions and observations significantly helped frame my investigation; Gayle W. Hanson and Jabari Jones, who provided me liberally with digital images and citations; Ron Abram, grandson of African American photographer Calvin Littlejohn, who alerted me to his grandfather’s vast collection of images housed at the University of Texas; Rhonda K. Craven, church historian for the Second Baptist Church in Evanston, Illinois, who forwarded me nearly two hundred references and PDF files on Lillian Horace and J. Gentry Horace; my mentors and colleagues John Boles, PhD, and Linda McNeil, PhD, of Rice University and Merline Pitre, PhD, of Texas Southern University ; and Mary Lenn Dixon, editor-­ in-­ chief at Texas A&M University Press, whose confidence in this project and constructive suggestions for improving it have been invaluable to me. I am also grateful to Texas Southern University, which funded my research with a variety of internal grants, including a generous seed grant that enabled me to hire two outstanding student research assistants , Inyka Williams and Yvonne Miller-­ Jones. Other contributions (of the emotional sort) were made by my lifetimefriend ,TinaMarieHoldenLandandherfamily;andcollegefriends, affectionately known as “The Mary Jones Girls” (Rice University): Dena Hall Bankett, Kimberly Josette Smith, Angela Raven-­ Anderson, Janet Williams-­Sutton, Attorney Althea Bailey, Drusilla Jo Bailey, and honorary member Terri Valiare (University of Houston). And finally, I am profoundlygrateful to my husband,OlegYurievich Chernyshev, who despite a busy medical practice has been wonderfully supportive throughout this project; my son, Daniel Alexander Olego- x Acknowledgments vich Chernyshev, who is too young to know how much he has helped; his caregivers,Queen Thomas and Judy Jackson, without whom I could never have put pen to paper; my late mother, Barbara Lessie Linton Kossie, whose memory continues to inspire me; my father, Bishop Roy Lee Kossie Jr., whose faith in me has never faltered; my eight siblings, whose support is priceless; and my mother- and father-­ in-­ law, Nina Georgievna Chernysheva and Yurie Miklailovich Chernyshev, whose generosity of spirit is unbounded. ...