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Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction Recovering the Dream Deferred Karen Kossie-­Chernyshev 1 Part I: Five Generations Hence edited and annotated by Karen Kossie-­ Chernyshev 11 Part II: In Scholarly Review: Recovering the Woman and Her Works 103 To Leave or Not to Leave? The “Boomerang Migration” of Lillian B. Horace (1880–1965) Karen Kossie-­Chernyshev 105 Southwestern Female Authors: Lillian B. Horace and Her Contemporaries Bruce A. Glasrud 139 To Be a Publisher: Lillian Jones Horace and the Dotson-­ Jones Printing Company Alisha coleman Knight 151 Of the Coming of Grace: African American Utopian Fiction, the Black Woman Intellectual, and Lillian B. Jones Horace’s Five Generations Hence M. Giulia Fabi 163 The Double Burden: A Historical Perspective on Gender and Race Consciousness in the Writings of Lillian B. Jones Horace Angela Boswell 192 viii Contents Confronting the “Other Side”: Everyday Resistance in Lillian B. Horace’s Angie Brown Bryan M. Jack 208 Lillian B. Jones Horace and the Literature of White Estrangement: Rediscovering an African American Intellectual of the Jim Crow Era Veronica Watson 222 Lillian Horace and the Respectable Black Woman: Black Women’s Activism in Combating Jim Crow Nikki Brown 243 Contributors 253 Index 257 ...