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acknowledgments Jeff Biggers would like to thank a legion of Don West associates and friends for their editorial insights, research assistance, interviews, access to personal papers, and general support,including: Bob Henry Barber,John and Jean Biggers , Joyce Brown, Mike Clark, Peter Cole, John Crawford, Anthony Dunbar, Philip Fraley, Elaine Gerger, Robert Gipe, Chris Green, Harvey Klehr, Carrie Noble and Michael Kline, P. J. Laska, Helen Lewis, Ted Olson, Edwina Pendarvis ,Rachel Rubin,John Salmond,Clancy Sigal,James Smethurst,JimWebb, and Jack Wright. Special thanks to Yvonne Farley and James Lorence for playing the roles of research guides and mentors. Special thanks as well to Warren Doyle for providing access to his personal papers on Don West and to Jancy Davis, who donated the invaluable Mike Ross Papers to the Southern Labor Archives at Georgia State University. Profound gratitude to the librarians and research assistants at the ACLU Archives at Princeton University, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, Berea College ,Disciples of Christ Archives,theAppalachian Collection at East Tennessee State University, FOIA/Federal Bureau of Investigation, Frostberg University , the Southern Labor Archives at Georgia State University, Gilmer County Public Library, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial University, New York City Public Library,Northwest Georgia Regional Library, Oglethorpe University , the Reference Center for Marxist Studies, Vanderbilt University, Walter Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs at Wayne State University, West Virginia University, Western Illinois University, University of Arizona, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Historical Society. In terms of this anthology , material was also gathered from the Ann and Carl Braden Papers, Highlander Folk School Papers,Howard Kester Papers,George Meyers Papers, George Weissman Papers, Mike Ross Papers, and the Freedom of Information Act files from the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation on Don West. Sally Maggard and the Appalachian Studies Association got the Don West train in gear in 1999. Under her tenure as editor,parts of my introduction first 00.Ftmtter.i-xlviii/West 12/2/03, 11:47 AM 11 xii appeared in “The Fugitive of Southern Appalachian Literature: Reconsidering the Poetry of DonWest,” Journal of Appalachian Studies 5:2 (Fall 1999): 159– 80. © 1999 by the Appalachian Studies Assocation. Reprinted by permission. Special thanks to Hedy West. And special thanks to Judy McCulloh for her patience and support in bringing this collection to publication and to my coeditor,George Brosi,for his keen insight and hard labor. Soprattutto, grazie a Carla Paciotto, la mia inesauribile fonte d’ispirazione. . . . . George Brosi would like to thank his wife, Connie, and their seven children, Brook, Berry, Blossom, Sunshine, Sky, Glade, and Eagle for their understanding and support during the course of this project. Special thanks goes to Berry for his research in NewYork City and at the Stanford University Library and to Sky for checking the Yale University Library for sources. Thanks to colleagues at the Berea College Appalachian Center for their invaluable assistance,especially Gordon McKinney,Jack Wright, and Genevieve Reynolds.Special thanks to the student workers Danessa Pollard,Jim Fershee, and Abbie Tanyhill. Additional thanks to colleagues and students at the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, and Somerset Community College, especially Bridgette York Smith. Thanks to Don West’s daughter,Ann Williams,and his granddaughter,Linda Williams McCarthy, for their help. On trips to learn more about Don West, thanks to Helen Lewis of Morganton , Georgia, to C. W. Conner of Ellijay, Georgia, and to Robert Mealer on Turkey Creek.Thanks to Leeanne Garland,the archivist of university archives and special collections at Lincoln Memorial University’s Carnegie Vincent Library in Harrogate, Tennessee, and to the good people of the Bell County Courthouse in Pineville,Kentucky.Thanks to RebeccaWare,Mike Mullins,and all the folks at Hindman Settlement School for their help. Thanks to Pat Taylor, Steve Gowler, Jennifer Morse, Josh Young, Susan Henthorn, Harry Rice, and Josh Strawser at Berea College’s Hutchins Library and Special Collections for their assistance tracking down materials. Thanks to Steve Stone, Kristy Melton, and Susan Wheatley at Eastern Kentucky University ’s Crabbe Library. And thanks to Kate Black, Claire McCann, Teresa Burgett, Mary Vass, Roxanna Jones, Kandace Rogers, Carla Cantagallo, Paul Page, and Ed Hager at the University of Kentucky Libraries and Special Collections . Thanks, finally, to all who have kept the legacy of Don West alive. acknowledgments 00.Ftmtter.i-xlviii/West 12/2/03, 11:47 AM 12 ...


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