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This project would not have been possible without the outstanding efforts of the following Editorial Committee, which assisted in the preparation of the English text: Paul Seaton (Primary Reader) Christine Dunn Henderson Peter A. Lawler Pierre Manent Eduardo Nolla Emilio Pacheco Melvin Richter Alison Schleifer James T. Schleifer Catherine H. Zuckert This book is set in Adobe Garamond, a modern adaptation by Robert Slimbach of the typeface originally cut around 1540 by the French typographer and printer Claude Garamond. The Garamond face, with its small lowercase height and restrained contrast between thick and thin strokes, is a classic “old-style” face and has long been one of the most influential and widely used typefaces. This book is printed on paper that is acid-free and meets the requirements of the American National Standard for Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, z39.48-1992. A Book design by Louise OFarrell Gainesville, Florida Typography by Grapevine Publishing Services, LLC Madison, Wisconsin Printed and bound by Edwards Brothers, Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan ...


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