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1431 Index abbreviations, xxxix–xli Abelard, 718nm abolition, cixn192, 548nc, 552, 553– 54no, 555–56, 561–62nt, 564, 565n40; in Connecticut, 553–54no; in Delaware, 553–54no; in Illinois, 553–54no; in Indiana, 553–54no; in Massachusetts, 553–54no; mortality, 565n41; in New York, 553–54no, 564; in the North, 564–65, 568–71, 574; in Ohio, 553–54no, 558–61; in Pennsylvania, 553–54no; in the South, 569–72. See also emancipation ; slavery absolute good, 1095–96ne absolute monarchy, 228, 514, 632, 894nq, 1081–82, 1128; arbitrariness of magistrates under, 327–30; democracy and, 948–50nc; independence of thought in, 417; political jurisdiction and, 179–80; public expenditures of, 333. See also despotism ; monarchy; tyranny absolute power, democracy and, 511nf absolute truth, cxxi–cxxiv, cxxiin240, 3na, 716nh acacia, 659n(B) Académie des sciences morales et politiques , xxxvi–xxxviin20, lxxviii, xcii, ciin171 Académie française, ciin171 action, cxxv, cxxvi, 739nc; philosophy of, cxx–cxxxii Acts of the State of Ohio, 131n38, 685– 96n(C), 686 Adams, H. B., 99–100nc Adams, John Quincy, 53nm, 214–15nk, 215–17nm, 563nu, 621–22nv Addison, 848nc administration, lxxxi, xcvii; French, 99–100nc; general ideas on, 129–35; judicial penalties as a means of, 122; in New England, 115–29; in the United States, 98–114, 129–35. See also administrative centralization; public administration administrative centralization, cxxvn249, 143–48, 144ne, 144nf, 1226–27nk; absence of, 427–29, 428–29nd; in Canada, 650nd; democracies and, 163–64ne; despotism and, 147, 148–49; in England, 146; in France, 144ng, 148, 148n[*], 165, 650nd; lack of in England, 146; lack of in New England, 120; in Massachusetts, 135n32; in New York, 134–35; in the United States, 134–35, 149–50. See also administrative decentralization; centralization administrative crimes, 127–28, 128n[*], 129, 133 administrative decentralization: effects of in the United States, 152–56; judicial power and, 175nj; political effects of, 142–66. See also administrative centralization; decentralization 1432 index administrative dependence, 1259– 60nw, 1259–61 administrative despotism, 1204nf, 1234–40, 1235–37ny, 1245–61, 1245na, 1249ne, 1252nn, 1260nx; in Europe, 1255–56nq; lack of in the United States, 1259nv; sovereignty of the people and, 1255–56, 1255– 56nq. See also despotism administrative hierarchy, 127, 133–34 administrative instability, 331–32, 407–9 administrative officials. See public officials administrative power, 120ng, 1204nf, 1214, 1228–29no, 1230–31np, 1235– 37ny; decentralization of, 118; division of, 137ny; in Europe, 1228–30; in France, 1228–29no, 1231n4; liberty and, 1228–29no; in Massachusetts , 118–19; in the United States, 118–29 administrative science, 331–32, 332nd, 1228–29no. See also political science Aesop, 550n31, 550ne Africa: armies in, 1156–57nd; return of Blacks to, 576–77, 576nd, 576n48, 576n49, 577n50 the afterlife, 965–66, 965na. See also the soul, immortality of agitation, xxvi, 1089–92, 1089na. See also restlessness agrarian law, theory of, 1136ne agriculture, 972, 973, 977; cereal crops, 567; cotton plantations, 566–67, 595; in the South, 977; sugar cane plantations , 559n38, 566–67, 595; tobacco plantations, 562n39, 566–67, 566– 68nw, 595, 611n78; in the West, 977 Alabama, 521, 533n14, 541n21, 620–24, 677n(H), 682n(N) alcohol, 365, 901–2, 1306–8 Alexander, 733nh, 851, 1182ne Algeria, 102ne, 145–46ng, 536nu, 747ne Allegheny Mountains, 34, 36–37, 594– 95, 594n56, 595n58, 597, 606, 608 Allison, John M. S., xxxi ambition, 930–31nb, 1116–18nna–f, 1116–28, 1131ne, 1187–89na; aristocracy and, 1123–24, 1123nn; in China, 1123; democracy and, 1116–18nna–f, 1116–28, 1121nj, 1123nn, 1126nr, 1129na, 1131ne; democratic revolution and, 1119; depraved, 1119–20nh; equality and, 1116–17nb, 1118nf, 1120; France and, 1116–17nb; industrial , 1129–32, 1131ne; monarchy and, 1116–17nb; revolution and, 1116na, 1118, 1118nf, 1119–20. See also positions America: conquest of, 536nu; discovery of, 7nh; English colonies in, 37; forest in, 1308nd; history of, 666– 74n(F). See also the New World; the United States American Almanac, 608nd, 638ng American Indians. See Indians American Institutions and Mores, lxxxviii American literature, 800–812, 800na, 802–3nd, 803ne, 804nh Americanness, 689–90na the American Revolution, 84, 117, 188– 89, 190, 275n41, 282, 283, 360–61, 360n15, 421, 533n16, 652; democracy and, 85–86ne; enthusiasm for, 360– 61; the South and, 78; sovereignty of the people and, 92–93 Americans: ability to learn from experience , 364–66; acquisition of wealth and, 766–68, 767–68nf; anxiety of, 1085–88, 1085na; the arts and, 763– 64nb, 763–74, 765–66nd, 784nn, 788–95; Cartesian method and, 697– index 1433 98na; character of...


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