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s4s4s4s4s4 volume 2 2f2f2f2f2f This page intentionally left blank. 689 s4s4s4s4s4 DEMOCRACY IN AMERICAa a. Introduction to the third volume./ Ideas about the plan of this volume./ Perhaps most of the things contained in this bundle will be useful for the large final chapter in which I intend to summarize the subject./ Influence of democracy. Ter [three (ed.)]: I. Ideas II. Sentiments. This relates only to man in isolation. III. Customs. They include the relationships of men with one another. What is American or English without being democratic. Great difficulty in disentangling what is democratic, commercial, English and Puritan. To explain in the foreword. My principal subject is not America, but the influence of democracy on America. As a result, the only one of the four causes set forth above that I must dwell upon seriously and at length is the democratic. Perhaps not because it is the principal one (what I believe, moreover), but because it is the one that is most important for me to show. I must speak about the others only: 1. To interest the class of readers who want above all to know America, 2. To make myself clearly understood, 3. To show that I am not exclusive and entirely given to a single idea. [In the margin: I see all the other causes, but I am only looking at the democratic.] If, among these various causes, I always choose by preference to deal with the democratic cause, let me not therefore be accused of an exclusive mind. I do not believe it necessary to treat the commercial, English and Puritan causes separately. I only think that I must show in the course of the book that I know and appreciate them. To speak about the four causes only in the preface and only there give them their respective places. Important idea. After finishing, look carefully at the places where I could point out how the things produced by democracy help democracy in turn and indirectly. [On the following page] Perhaps in the large final chapter. Idea of democratic liberty and idea of religion. ...


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